What are Social Networking Scripts?

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A social networking script is software that allows a website owner to create an online social networking community, which is a group of members who socialize online with each other and share common interests, activities, values, or beliefs. Often, members are able to network with other members in other parts of the world or with members they might not otherwise meet. Social networking scripts enable site owners to easily launch the social networking site (SNS) and customize content without having to know programming languages.

Social networking scripts enable SNS owners administrative control over the SNS, including the power to create themes that affect the look of a website, colors, and fonts used. Users can change the layout, or placement of website features, on a user’s screen. Social networking scripts may include ban filters that allow owners to filter or block members or content like profanity. Since there is competition between emerging social networks, social networking scripts frequently have features that help increase site popularity and search engine rankings by incorporating search engine optimization keywords.


Since SNSs are oriented around membership, software will contain membership controls that enable website owners to manage subscriptions, add members, or charge fees for membership. Social networking scripts also allow members to add friends, or allow other members to join their personal community. Members may also adjust privacy levels, controlling who may see personal information and photos. Social networking scripts contain features that allow members to post status updates, share links with other members, and communicate with members through public comments or forums or privately through e-mail.

Many social networking scripts feature a live feed where members can see other member’s status updates and activities engaged in while on the site. These feeds allow users to comment on other member’s activities and status updates. Some SNS software allows users to rate feeds and engage in discussions about member feeds. Social networking software may have features that allow members to cross the cyberspace gap into the real world by announcing real life events, send invitations to other members, and respond to invitations through the site.

Since one of the functions of SNSs is to help members locate each other, social networking scripts often incorporate search engines into sites. Members may also email non-members to invite them to join the SNS. These features help the site owner grow the social networking site indirectly by encouraging current members to recruit from their real life network of friends and relatives.


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