What are Snow Gloves?

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Snow gloves are made in various styles and materials to accommodate every type of outdoor activity related to snow. Wearing the proper gloves for snow-related activities is important, as they protect your hands from the elements and the activity itself. Different types of gloves include those for everyday snow play, snowboarding, skiing, and working in the snow.

Kids' snow gloves are designed specifically for playing in the snow. They are usually mitten style, as kids have a hard time lining up their fingers in the individual sleeves. Most of them button at the wrist to prevent snow from slipping into the gloves. Toddlers' gloves often zip at the sides, making it easier for parents to put them on.

Snowboarding gloves are designed to keep your hands toasty and protect them from the razor sharp edge of the snowboard. When purchasing snowboarding gloves, look for ones with an inner liner made of fleece. These will keep your hands extra warm without retaining moisture. These types of snow gloves should extend past the wrist and have a Velcro® closure for extra protection. Make sure to look for gloves with a temperature rating that meets or exceeds the temperature of your snowboarding environment.


Ski gloves are used to protect your hands from the skis, as well as the snow. Ski gloves are more streamlined than most other gloves, to help you maintain a firm grip on the pole. Look for ski gloves that are wind-resistant and waterproof. Many people obtain high levels of speed when skiing, resulting in wind penetrating through the snow gloves. If skiing in extreme cold conditions, consider purchasing ski mittens, as keeping the fingers together results in more warmth.

People who work in the snow require a different type of glove altogether. Quality snow gloves for working are usually designed with pigskin leather palms, knuckles and fingertips. People who work in the snow spend long hours out in the elements, meaning they need extra insulation in order to prevent frostbite. Winter work gloves usually have an Accu-Dri® or Gore-Tex® lining for extra warmth without retaining water. Some winter work gloves are battery operated to provide up to six hours of warmth in extreme conditions.

Chemically-powered warming inserts can be placed in any gloves to add extra warmth in freezing conditions. Just crack the inserts to start the chemical reaction and place them in your gloves for hours of warmth. Whether or not you are wearing the proper snow gloves for your outdoor activities can make or break your day. Wearing the wrong gloves can cause injury from the activity, or frostbite from the cold.


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Post 3

@ cougars- I ride a snow machine all winter long, and I love my Arctic Armor. It easily keeps me warm when I open up the throttle on my Z-1 turbo while flying across the lake. The suit is the best I have seen, and it really protects against the wind.

Post 2

@ cougars- My father in law is an ice fisherman and he wears arctic armor by IDE. It seems like he spends half of his winter on the ice, and the other half on his snow mobile. He wears that suit all the time. It protects him from all of the elements, and he says it’s completely waterproof. They also make it in sizes for large and tall people. Sizes run big. He is about 6'4" and he only wears an XL.

I looked at the website for the clothing and it says the clothes are also buoyant. Always a good thing in case you fall through the ice. They show a picture of a man in one of these suits, floating in a swimming pool without any other assistance.

Post 1

I am not into skiing and snowboarding, but I like to go ice fishing. I need something that is light, but extremely warm. Some days it is -10 degrees on the ice and the wind is whipping at 20-30 mph. It is a real pain getting in and out of endless layers just to stay warm, dry, and protected from the wind. I need good snow clothing people. Help me out, thanks.

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