What are Snoods?

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Snoods are a type of hair accessory for women. Snoods usually consist of a hairband or ribbon attached to netting illusion, meant to hold longer hair up and about the nape of the neck.

The word "snood" has been in the language since the 700s and even then referred to some kind of head covering for women. Snoods have changed in form over the years, and were very popular in the mid-19th century. American and European women nearly always wore hats or bonnets in that era, and snoods made their long — often waist-length — hair more manageable with a hat. Undoubtedly in warmer climates, snoods also made wearing long hair more comfortable.

Snoods also made hairstyling easier in general. When women did not wear snoods, they often wore their hair in elaborate styles requiring a great deal of time to arrange. With snoods, a woman could brush her hair out and just bundle it into the snood. She was then ready for housework, or could put on her hat and gloves and go out.

Snoods came back into fashion, both in the United States and in Great Britain, during World War II. Fabric was rationed, meaning hats were either much smaller or non-existent. Snoods for evening wear, especially, became popular, since they took so little material, and could even be knitted by hand.


Snoods are still available today in shops selling hair accessories. They are often attached to a spring clip bow or barrette and are available in many colors.

Women with fine, thin hair may choose snoods for an upswept look, since their hair rarely works in an "updo." A snood can give them a dressy look without the trouble and expense of trying to coax their hair into an updo. They should be look for a snood net that is closely woven lest their hair come through the net in tufts. Snoods are not expensive and will usually run from $7 US Dollars (USD) and up. Snoods are an inexpensive way to get a different hairstyle that is still convenient.


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I wish snoods and other head coverings would come back in style. It's something we haven't seen in a long time. In this economy it might be nice to put up the hair neatly instead of running to the salon for haircuts. It would be very feminine. It would be easy on the hair. I think it would be very lovely and convenient. I would also like to see scarves and shawls too. Here is a market just waiting to explode.

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