What are Smores?

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A smore or “s’more” is a treat, popular in North America, that is generally cooked over a campfire. S'mores are created by stacking a marshmallow and a square of chocolate between two graham crackers and warming the dessert sandwich until the marshmallow and chocolate melt partially. S’mores enthusiasts generally have special tricks that they use to create the perfect treat. For example, instead of warming the entire s’more, one might simply roast the marshmallow on a stick first and then add it to the chocolate and graham crackers. This way, the delicious sugary crust of the cooked marshmallow will add to the flavor of the s’more and the heat will help to melt the chocolate.

Because s'mores are so popular among North American campers, some food markets actually group chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows together on their shelves during the summer months. In fact, s'mores are so popular that the combined flavor of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallow have been incorporated into packaged cookies, granola, candy bars, and ice cream.

Although the etymology of the word “s'mores” has never been proven, one can hazard a good guess at where the word comes from. “S’more” seems to be a contraction of the words “some” and “more.” One can imagine how with a mouth full of melted chocolate, marshmallow and chewy graham crackers, asking for “some more” might sound like “s’more.” Thus (we think) the term “s'mores” was born.


The campfire culinary genius who created the first s'more is unknown. However, the first recorded s’mores recipe was included in the 1927 Girl Scout Handbook, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. The recipe was titled "Some mores, and appeared in various forms in later Girl Scout publications.

S'mores are traditionally enjoyed during the summer months when they can be cooked over a campfire in the open air. Many people have found ways to enjoy s'mores all year round. For those lucky individuals who have fireplaces in their homes, s'mores can be cooked on a snowy day for a delicious winter treat.

S'mores pair very well with a glass of cold milk for the kids or a cup of fresh coffee for adults. S'mores can also be created in your microwave. Simply stack your ingredients in the traditional way and zap the snack for 30 seconds to one minute and fifteen seconds depending on the strength of your machine. While you will not be able to attain the crispy golden marshmallow edges in your microwave, you are sure to enjoy a delicious sweet treat nonetheless.


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Post 5

personally, I love to start my marshmallow on fire and get a small bit of crust. Really! I think it adds a nicer crunchy, caramelized sugar, bbq thing going on with the combo. salivating now, and no, the micro won't do the trick.

Post 4

I like them really well done which leaves an unmistakable tang of bittersweet in the mouth! great with coffee. Yes!

Post 3

I prefer to use a thin wooden stick, also you can add caramel pieces in the middle.

Post 2

You can get the roasted marshmallow effect by heating the marshmallow over the gas flame of a stove with a fork. It will give the the crispy golden crust that the microwave won't.

Post 1

A big key to making s'mores is to heat your marshmallow slowly by holding it above the flames and rotating your roasting stick so it heats evenly. The inside will get nice and warm and melty as the outside lightly toasts. A good Roasting Stick is essential! I prefer those that are made with stainless steel and have long oak handles.

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