What are Slip Covers?

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Slip covers are made of washable, heavy duty fabrics and designed to fit over existing pieces of furniture. They can be found for sofas, loveseats, recliners, arm chairs, and straight back chairs. The beauty of these covers is that users can literally slip one over a piece of furniture to change its look or protect it from wear, and then take it off when its time to wash it. If a person grows tired of the slip cover, he or she can simply remove it for good.

Like other linens, slip covers range in form and quality. Fitted covers fit the form of a specific piece of furniture, such as sofa or chair, and are held in place with sturdy elastic. They can be significantly more difficult to put in place than furniture throws, but they tend to stay in place better once they’re on. Furniture throw slip covers are designed without any elastic and resemble a very large blanket. These are designed to simply throw over a piece of furniture and then tuck in between cushions and backs as necessary.


When choosing slip covers for any room, people can usually find a color or pattern that is pleasing and goes with almost any decor. Some people change their furniture covers seasonally to update the look of a room, and other people prefer to use them as protection for their furniture. In households where pets are permitted on the furniture, the upholstery can be preserved with the use of covers.

Fitted slip covers usually come with directions for their proper placement, and there should be tags sewn into the inside seams of the cover that indicate front and back centers. Certain types of upholstered furniture work better with slip covers than others. Loose back cushions are more difficult to work with than attached cushions, but with patience and careful attention to the seams, they can work well with nearly any type of furniture.


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