What are Slate Pavers?

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Slate pavers are a type of natural stone pavers that are quarried in Wales, Portugal, United Kingdom and New York. Slate is composed mostly of quartz and muscovite, with small amounts of magnetite, graphite and chlorite. It is formed when layers of clay and volcanic foliate together over an extreme period of time. This forms a beautiful stone that is then quarried and cut into the shape of pavers.

The distinct characteristics of slate pavers make them ideal for use around the interior and exterior of the home. The strength of slate makes it perfect for use in the construction of steps, balconies and retaining walls. Slate is also unaffected by acids. Therefore, when it is for garden pathways or stepping stones, it can be laid directly onto the soil without having to create a sand bed.

Pavers made from slate work perfectly around the pool. They are naturally slip-resistant without the need for them to be refinished. Combined with the fact that they are unaffected by acid, they are the ideal paver for pool decks. When used for decking or landscaping around the pool, it is best to choose light colored pavers to minimize the heat they retain from the sun. If dark colors are chosen for outdoor use, the pavers must be sealed every three months to prevent fading caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight


Another use for slate pavers is indoor flooring. Slate is available in a wide array of colors to match the decor of any home. They can also be used for fireplace flooring, windowsills and for tiling the bathroom. The ways in which to use slate pavers around the home are limited only by your imagination.

Slate pavers come in a wide array of colors to choose from. In fact, no two slate pavers will ever look exactly the same. This style of natural stone paver is available in gray, black, blue and purple with streaks of other colors, such as red, yellow, orange and brown running through them. The colors found in slate depend upon the quarries from which they were removed.

Thanks to the strength of slate pavers, they can be cut into any shape without breaking or chipping. When sold in stores, they are available in a couple of pre-cut shapes, including rectangles, oblongs, squares, triangles, diamonds and octagons. If custom shapes are desired, a masonry saw can be used to perform a clean cut.


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