What are Silver Rounds?

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Silver rounds are units of silver used for investment. Though they have a coin shape, they do not have a face value and are not a form of legal tender. Typically, low-level investors buy silver rounds, as they come in small units that are not ideal for investing in large volumes of silver. Other options for investment are silver coins, blocks of silver, and silver ingots. These come in a variety of weights and designs.

Several manufacturers make silver rounds available. National mints may produce rounds, along with other products made with precious metals for investors, as do third party manufacturers. A typical silver round is coin-shaped, and contains one troy ounce of very pure silver. The high quality of the silver contributes to the round's value as an investment, rather than a unit of currency. People can buy silver rounds stamped with a variety of decorative designs, including limited edition commemorative rounds issued for specific occasions.

It is also possible to request custom-imprinted silver rounds. There is usually a minimum order to make the manufacturing process cost effective for the mint producing the rounds. People can have family crests and other devices stamped on silver rounds for investment or if they want to give the rounds away as presents. The mint stamps will include a disclosure of the weight and purity of the silver. Some people request serial numbers to make it easier to track individual rounds.


Rounds can be suitable for small-scale investors who cannot afford larger units of silver. People with limited funds can usually buy coins and rounds as they can afford them, slowly building up a stock of silver. The silver can be sold when precious metals prices are high. This method of precious metals investing brings limited returns, as people are not operating in the high volumes necessary for discounts or large profits on shifts in metals prices.

When purchasing silver rounds or any precious metal product, it is important to use a reliable source. Some people prefer to go through national mints, seeking out coins with the mint's markings as a guarantee of quality. Others may use third parties with a good reputation. Counterfeit silver products do circulate periodically, and people should report them to government agencies. Investigators will try to narrow down the source and bring the counterfeiters to court with the goal of preventing the release of more fake silver products.


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