What are Shaving Mirrors?

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Shaving mirrors, in loosest definition, are any small mirrors that a gentleman might use for the purpose of shaving. Men have long fought the battle with traditional mirrors and looking glasses, because using hot water tends to steam up regular mirrors. Further, many men prefer to shave in the shower, and there is virtually no way to keep a standard mirror from fogging up while the hot water is running.

Fortunately, the advent of shaving mirrors that are fogless has mostly solved this problem for men. These are usually one of two types. They contain a heating element within the mirror that keeps fog from forming on the mirror, or they have a special transparent film coating on the mirror, which also resists steam. Since a good idea can always be improved upon, many come with numerous other features, not necessarily related to the process of shaving.

You can certainly buy free standing shaving mirrors that have fog free features. More often, the most popular types of fogless shaving mirrors can be installed in a shower or bath console. They may also have clocks, so a long shower doesn’t make you late to work, and radios, so you can sing to your favorite tunes or catch up on the latest news. Some shaving mirrors also feature magnification, which can help in more precise shaving.


Women may also enjoy the convenience of fogless shaving mirrors, particularly if bathroom traffic is heavy. After several showers have steamed up your bathroom, putting makeup on can be a chore, as can finding an annoying hair and plucking it. Having a handheld or freestanding fogless type of mirror that offers magnification may be the best defense when sharing a bathroom. Also, shaving mirrors installed in showers may assist in making sure you got all your mud mask off, or rinsed the shampoo completely out of your hair. And both men and women may enjoy clock or radio features.

Not all shaving mirrors are equal. In anecdotal product reviews, most consumers warn against purchasing those with extra features where the price seems too good to be true. It turns out, the price is often too good to be true and the fogless features may not last, or the radio or LED clock may not work properly.

For tricked out, installable shaving mirrors with extra features, plan to spend at least 50 US dollars (USD). Those offered for less frequently disappoint. For simple handheld or freestanding shaving mirrors with fogless features, you can usually purchase one in the 20 USD range.


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Post 3

We redid our bathroom last year and we made sure that builders put in a fogless shower shaving mirror. It is built right into the wall. I used to have to use this little handheld mirror while I shaved and I always ended up with at least one nick. Not any more.

Post 2

My dad was weirdly obsessive about having a shaved face and he would shave twice a day. It didn't help that he could grow a lumberjack sized beard in about a week. His cheeks really knew how to grow hair.

He always carried around a little portable shaving mirror in this toiletries bag he kept in his briefcase. I don't think he used it that often, but you never know when you are going to want to shave and have no mirror.

Post 1

I find that I get a much closer shave if I shave in the shower. I think it is all the hot water, it opens up the pores and makes the hair come out. Something like that.

For the longest time I would shave in the shower without a mirror. I would usually get out and then find three or four big spots that I had missed.

Finally I invested in a little shower shaving mirror that hangs from the shower head. It is treated in a certain way so it does not get fogged. Now I get a perfect shave every time.

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