What are Shag Rugs?

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Shag rugs are a type of rug made of long pile which has a shaggy appearance, hence the name. Rugs are usually manufactured by making loops out of material and then shearing the excess. Shag rugs are not sheared, leaving long pieces of material to create a lush, soft, fluffy look.

Shag rugs are made from a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibers like nylon to cotton, wool, linen, angora, leather and other natural fibers. Shag rugs can be found in extremely small throw rug sizes, wall to wall carpet, and everything in between. Not only do shag rugs come in different sizes, but they are also available in uniquely cut shapes and wild combinations of colors.

Shag rugs are a great expression of style. A shag rug can transform a dull room into a conversation piece by creating a romantic atmosphere in a bedroom, a touch of class in a dining room or even an exciting addition to a kid's room. The many different sizes, cuts and colors make the shag rug a versatile design tool.


Cleaning a shag rug is more difficult than cleaning rugs with shorter pile. Depending on the material that your rug is made of, you can usually vacuum a shag rug. However, you should avoid upright vacuum cleaners as they tend to pull out the pile. A wool shag rug, though more costly than a synthetic shag rug, is desirable because wool naturally repels dirt and dust. A leather shag rug, on the other hand, can only be dry cleaned, so it is not recommended for high traffic areas or busy households.

The shag rug is making a come back from its popular American debut in the late 1960's. Shag rugs enjoy a very long history, dating back to ancient Greece and other civilizations. The ancient flokati rug, made of goat's fur, is the Greek version of shag, and it is very similar to today's shag rugs. The genuine lush flokati shag rug is a bit on the expensive side but possesses timeless beauty.

Shag rugs can be very cheap or very expensive. It all depends on the material and its concentration. An inexpensive shag rug will be of less quality because of the synthetic fibers and larger spacing between them. A shag rug such as a flokati will be much more expensive because it is made of natural fiber and the fibers are condensed. In the end, you get what you pay for. A more expensive shag rug is more durable and more comfortable. If you just want to experiment with the look of a shag rug, than a cheap synthetic rug may be the way to go.


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Over dyed rugs are modern rugs which are specially designed to give stylish and vibrant look to your room. They are specially weaved, treated and washed to give a unique effect to individual rugs with 80 percent wool and 20 percent cotton and a combination of different techniques and the best quality Indian wool. These rugs can be used to give deep tone to ground any contemporary home.

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