What Are Sexercises?

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Sexercises are exercises performed to work on muscles important for sexual activity. They can work in conjunction with or separate from diets. Sexercises are usually performed with a partner, but can also be done without sex or during athletic masturbation. Sex has long been seen as a good form of exercise, and sexercises take this one step further.

Sexual exercises seek to work on the body’s Kegel muscles. Kegel muscles are the muscles around the hips and pelvic floor. These muscles can weaken through inactivity, age, weight gain, and childbirth. Like many exercise routines, these exercises also train other muscles such as the inner thigh and buttock muscles.

The exercising of sex-related muscles appears to be of Indian or Chinese origin. It is therefore heavily linked with tantric sex. These exercises placed more of an emphasis on the well-being of the whole body during intercourse. They are linked to exercises in yoga such as the mula bandha, or the root lock. Modern western thinking comes from the exercises of Arnold Kegel in the 1950s.

General sexercises are broken down into working on internal exercises, external exercises, and in-sex exercises. External exercises are those that happen to work on muscles needed for sex, but are also general exercises good for the body in the absence of sex. These include the squat hamstring, the pelvic butterfly, and the Fly-A. Such exercises work on the abs, thigh, and buttock muscles.


Internal exercises designed by Kegel concentrate on a woman’s internal muscles, but can be applied to men, too. The aim is to tense or clench pelvic floor muscles. The number of clenches performed should be built up slowly to 300 a day over approximately 15 minutes, and then kept at a steady 250 repetitions to maintain the muscles. The easiest way to locate the muscle used in this exercise is to stop the flow of urine.

In-sex exercises combine sex with exercise. They can add some spice to general exercises while lengthening the time spent performing intercourse. Sexercises are very intimate affairs and can be executed in a number of positions. For example, if the man lies on his back and the woman squats over him, then she will work on her inner thigh and calf muscles while he works on his abdominal muscles. Sexercises can be creative, but with an eye towards toning the body.


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