What are Scrapbooking Punches?

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Scrapbooking punches are hole punches used for scrapbooking purposes. They are used to punch holes in paper, either for decorative purposes or to punch three holes in the side of a piece of paper to add it to a three-ring scrapbook. There are many different sizes of punches available, and many people find scrapbooking punches to be invaluable tools when creating scrapbooks.

Typically, scrapbooking punches are types of hand punches. They are generally made of metal, not plastic, and are held in one hand. The paper is inserted in the top of the hole punch, the user squeezes the hole punch, and a perfect shape is made in the paper. Some scrapbooking punches are simply placed over the top of the paper, and pressed down like a stapler; these sometimes work better for larger cuts, or bigger pieces of paper where it is difficult to hold the paper in the hand or twist it from side to side.


The most basic type of hole punch simply punches a circular hole in the paper; a three-hole punch, for example, punches three equidistant holes in the side of the paper so it can be placed in a three-ring binder. Single hole punches come in different sizes to suit different needs. Scrapbooking punches, however, typically come in different shapes such as hearts, stars, seasonal shapes, birthday shapes, or any other ideas one can imagine. They are a much easier and faster way to create shapes in paper than cutting freehand.

Some scrapbooking punches feature individual templates that can be changed; this way, it is only necessary to buy one hole punch for scrapbooking purposes, and then just change the cutting tool as needed. Scrapbooking punches often go hand in hand with scrapbooking scissors, which are capable of cutting scalloped or other decorative edges into paper. A scrapbooking hole punch may be used to hand-make cards or other crafts for a friend as well.

Scrapbooking punches may be purchased in craft supply stores or online. A greater variety may often be found online. One who wants to start scrapbooking should purchase a scrapbooking hole punch as well as materials such as paper, craft glue, scrapbooking stickers, and anything else that may be used to decorate the scrapbooks. Scrapbooks can be a great way to preserve photos and make notes about special events; they can also make great personalized gifts for friends or family members.


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Creative Memories has the most sturdy and beautiful punches! The newest one is the "embossed star maker," and the "dragonfly" maker. Good luck and happy punching!

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