What are Scissor Sharpeners?

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Scissor sharpeners are tools designed to sharpen the blades of scissors. Because even the finest chef’s scissors or most high-quality professional set of hair scissors become dull with use, scissor sharpeners are necessary to extend their life and aid in their continued performance. Scissor sharpeners range from handheld varieties to larger pieces of machinery.

Handheld scissor sharpeners are designed to hold in one hand, while holding the scissors in the other. The handheld varieties generally have slots or grooves built into them that contain carbide or an abrasive component inside for sharpening the blades. Many handheld scissor sharpeners are also designed for sharpening knives. High quality versions will have an additional groove or slot with ceramic or similar component inside for polishing the blades.

Professional sharpening is generally achieved with a machine variety of scissor sharpeners. These machines have a wheel comprised of diamond dust abrasives. The wheel spins when the machine is turned on and the blades are held directly against the wheel. This type of equipment is very similar to the machines used for sharpening larger bladed tools such as axes and chainsaw blades.


To keep your scissors sharp, it may be necessary to keep some form of scissor sharpener on hand. It is important to learn how to properly sharpen your scissors before using even the simplest of sharpeners because improper sharpening can actually damage the blades of your scissors and render them useless. If you have purchased scissor sharpeners, be sure to thoroughly read the directions that accompanied your purchase.

If you own very expensive scissors, either for quilting, haircutting, cooking, or another professional objective, it may benefit you to locate a professional sharpener. In most cases, you will save money by extending the life of your scissors, which can be expensive to replace. You might also consider learning the proper sharpening technique from a professional and seeking their opinion on various scissor sharpeners before you buy the tool for your own use. With the proper knowledge and the proper design of scissor sharpener, you can keep your scissors in tip-top shape for years to come.


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