What are Sash Clamps?

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Sash clamps are simple clamping devices that are often used in woodworking, carpentry, and similar professions. The clamps are used to hold two pieces of wood or other materials together while an adhesive, like wood glue, is allowed to create a seal between the materials. Clamps of this type come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for a number of different applications.

A typical set of sash clamps usually includes sash clamp devices. Each clamp in the set is made from a combination of metals. Typically, the bar area of the clamps will be constructed with steel, while the head and sides of the devices are created using iron. This combination tends to wear very well, making it possible to effectively use the clamps in a number of different settings, without fear of damage to the devices.


In actual use, sash clamps are normally slid into position after the glue is applied to the two sections of wood. An easy approach is to rest the bottom of the glued section on one arm of a clamp, then place a small piece of scrap wood on the top area of the materials being joined. At this point, the bar is tightened until the head at the end of the bar comes to rest against the scrap wood, effectively holding the two pieces together while the adhesive dries. Normally two sash clamps are used for this operation, with one clamp positioned on each side of the glued materials.

Sash clamps can be employed in several different settings. Cabinetry shops and other establishments where wood furniture is constructed often make use of these devices as part of the manufacturing process. Around the house, sash clamps can be used to make repairs on furniture, or as part of the tools used by hobbyists who enjoy woodworking. Because the clamps come in many different sizes, it is possible to purchase sets that are ideal for both small and large projects.

Purchasing sash clamps is a relatively easy task. Hardware stores often carry several sizes, while building and supply stores are likely to offer a wide selection. Even some arts and crafts stores will offer at least a couple of the smaller sets of clamps. While some brands are expensive, there are budget priced sets of sash clamps that can be purchased at reasonable rates, making them ideal for even the casual hobbyist. However, keep in mind that the less expensive clamps are sometimes made of inferior grades of metals, and are not likely to hold up as well over the years.


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