What are SAS Shoes?

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SAS shoes have been manufactured in San Antonio, Texas since 1976 by SAS Shoemakers. They specialize in women's footwear, men's footwear, and handbags. This company does not advertise, but rather rely on word of mouth to sell its products.

Comfortable, conservative, and orthopedic or orthopedic-type shoes, they generally come in neutral colors such as brown, tan, black, white, and navy. The shoes are all hand-sewn in San Antonio, which means that SAS shoes provide local jobs for Americans.

These shoes are almost never sold over the Internet. They can be ordered through the mail and by telephone, but most are sold directly by retail outlets throughout America. These retail outlets are located in Florida, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, among many others. Some can also be found in department stores. You may also be able to find used ones on eBay®.

Since SAS Shoemakers do not advertise, they tend to focus on customer satisfaction. Owner-written reviews online validate this statement; most appreciate the personalized service and care they receive when visiting an SAS outlet.

If your shoe size is hard to find, SAS shoes may be able to help. Various widths are also offered, including slim, narrow and medium. The slight variations in sizes are why it's especially important to try the shoes on in person, and why SAS Shoemakers are hesitant to sell the shoes online.


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Post 5

I have about four pairs and they indeed are very comfortable. I can't wear high heels anymore, so I'm so glad I found SAS. They saved my feet!

Post 4

I live in Des Moines, IA, and recently, I noticed that SAS has a new "X-tra grip sole" on your walking shoes, but it's only available in black. Have there been any requests for this new sole to be available in all the other colors?

Since there is plenty of rain, ice, and snow available here in Iowa, having that kind of sole on your walking shoes would be a godsend!

Post 3

I really like SAS's ladies shoes, since they're really comfortable, but they don't have that chunky orthopedic look that so many other comfort shoes have.

I'm walking around basically all day at my job, but I'm not allowed to wear my New Balance shoes at work, since tennis shoes don't fit the dress code.

I was really glad that I found SAS shoes, since they still look professional, but they're as comfortable as if you're wearing a pair of your old tennis shoes. Definitely one of my best buys.

Post 2

My husband loves his SAS shoes and boots because he's always standing and walking at his job. He used to have the worst back problems because he was always wearing cheap discount shoes, and once he got a pair of nicer ones from SAS, his back problems cleared up within a month.

I would definitely say that they're worth the money, even though I've never actually worn a pair myself, just from seeing how they helped him.

Post 1

Do you know, I've heard great things about SAS shoe stores, but I've never tried them. I have a friend who is a nurse, and she says that SAS shoes are her go-to for long shifts.

It's a shame that they don't have an online shoe store -- I'd like to try them, but there's no outlet in my area. Maybe I'll just have to swing by San Antonio for a vacation or something and try them when I'm there.

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