What Are Sandwiches De Miga?

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Sandwiches de miga are specific kinds of sandwiches that use only the internal part of the bread, and not the crust. This type of sandwich is generally attributed to Argentina, but is also popular in many other parts of the world. As a general type of sandwich, this food is distinguished by its omission of the outer bread crust, but the Argentinian version also features specific mixes of ingredients.

According to many sandwich experts, the most common type of bread used for sandwiches de miga is a simple white bread with a light, almost foamy texture. Sandwiches de miga can consist of single layer, double layer or even triple layer sandwiches, where the bread and other ingredient layers are often quite thin. Many other things besides bread go into these sandwich types; makers can add various meats, cheeses, and vegetables, as well as eggs, mayonnaise, and butter.

Different kinds of meats are often used for sandwiches de miga. Although deli sliced ham is a popular choice, other meat options can include prosciutto, capricola, genoa salami, and other processed meat products. Sliced turkey or chicken breast may also be used.


Some of the vegetables that are commonly used in sandwiches de miga are those that are also popular in other parts of the world where sandwiches are a conventional food. Many of these are popular in other parts of the hemisphere, for example, in North America, where lettuce, tomato, peppers, and onions, normal ingredients for these crustless sandwiches, are also frequent sandwich ingredients for subs, hoagies, grinders, and other North American sandwich types. Sandwiches de miga may also include other vegetables like asparagus, green or black olives, or mushrooms, often sliced thinly in order to fit into the sandwich.

Sandwiches de miga may be served toasted or untoasted. Essentially, they are a more palatable sandwich type for some eaters who are very attentive to presentation and neatness. Other nations may have their own national versions of crustless sandwiches. The Argentinian sandwich de miga has its own etymology, where the word miga refers to the inner part of the bread, or, by popular translation, the “crumb.” In terms of overall nutrition, these types of sandwiches may not be much different than other kinds of sandwiches served on whole rolls, buns, or slices of bread, but the neat, square visual result makes these items a common part of many fancier dinner parties and other social events worldwide.


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