What are Round Nose Pliers?

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Round nose pliers are hand tools made to hold, shape and bend wire. Whereas needle-nosed pliers are used for finer work, the round nose type helps create larger loops. They are also sturdier than the needle-nosed type. Round nose pliers have rounded jaws or grippers and two handles joined in the center with a metal section. These rounded-end hand tools that gradually narrow to a point are also called rosary pliers.

In crafting, round nose or rosary pliers are used mainly for jewelry making. They help create loops at the end of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are used to connect to the fastening clasp. Wrapping beading wire around round nose pliers creates coil patterns that may be used as bracelet or necklaces links or as decorative sections in earrings. Round nosed pliers are also used to pry open wire split ring jewelry findings.

The type of round nose pliers found in hardware stores isn’t usually as delicate as the kind designed for jewelry making. The hardware pliers are better used on larger wire crafting projects such as creating metal wreaths. They also work well when making country crafts out of chicken wire or accenting painted woodwork with looped or coiled wires.


The nosed section of pliers is called its jaws. The jaws should be easy to open and close for best results when crafting. Some handles of pliers have a spring design included in the handle called double leaf springs. Many crafters find this type of round nosed pliers easier to use than the type without a spring mechanism.

Ergonomic round nose pliers are designed to be healthier on the hands by not overstraining them. This kind of pliers usually has long handles as well as cushioned grips on each handle. For crafters and jewelry makers who use round nose pliers very often, the ergonomic type would probably be the best and healthiest kind with which to work.

Extra long round nose pliers can be used to create smaller loops for more delicate jewelry projects. These are basically rounded versions of needle nosed pliers. Some jewelry designers like to have several different round nosed pliers on hand with which to create many different looks and sizes of wire loops.


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