What are Retirement Jobs?

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Retirement jobs are work opportunities for seniors or early retirees after they have officially retired from their full-time jobs or lifelong careers. Examples of jobs for retirees include full-time, part-time, and volunteer opportunities, such as professional, administrative, technical, or clerical positions with a broad range of companies and organizations. Some seniors continue to work after retirement due to financial reasons and health insurance needs, whereas others work to stay active and healthy. In active retirement, retirees hold jobs that can be performed successfully in later years in fields such as writing, research, education, customer service, and engineering. Some seniors create their own jobs by starting their own businesses using their savings or retirement funds.

Some retirees pursue retirement jobs strictly due to financial reasons. The inability to meet basic financial needs, high medical expenses, and rising costs of living make it difficult for some retirees to stop working after retirement. Seniors in these positions seek out full-time or part-time positions with companies and organizations that value the knowledge and experience older employees bring to the workforce. Some employers acknowledge retirees’ financial needs, and actively recruit older workers for less strenuous jobs, offering flexible hours and telecommuting options. Customer service jobs, writing, and bookkeeping are just a few examples of common retirement jobs.


Retirement jobs also present seniors with options to stay active and fulfilled through continually contributing to society. Financially well-off retirees might continue to work to feel purposeful, socially active, and mentally engaged. Some retirees take on retirement jobs in specific fields to stay connected with a particular subject or industry of interest. Other seniors might work for a volunteer organization of choice to contribute their time to a worthy cause. These types of jobs give seniors continual social contact and diminish the loneliness that can often arise in the later years due to the loss of a spouse and/or an empty home.

Some retirement jobs are created by retirees who establish their own businesses using their savings or retirement funds. In these cases, seniors seize the opportunity to devote their knowledge and experience to new ventures. Oftentimes, these businesses are the fruits of longstanding dreams or ambitions and give seniors an opportunity to focus on an area of interest or to contribute to society in a unique way. Examples of such ventures might include selling collector’s items, opening a hardware store, researching a scientific topic, or writing full-time for a living.


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