What are Replica Purses?

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Replica purses are reproductions or knock-offs of designer purses. They are often much less expensive and to a non-discerning eye can look nearly exactly the same as the original. Many women think that using a replica purse can be a good way to save money if you really want a designer handbag and can't quite afford it. Replica purses are also often given as gifts.

Some brands of replica purses are especially popular. These include Coach, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci and Prada, among many others. If you are attempting to purchase a true designer handbag at a discount price or from someone other than an authorized retailer, it is a good idea to ask for a certificate of authenticity. Many designer handbags will have a mark of authenticity etched into the leather. It is a good idea to see what this mark should be and to check for it if you feel suspicious.


Replica purses can often be purchased at flea markets, and are frequently sold on the streets of larger cities. They are also often listed on online auction websites for a very low price. It is illegal to manufacture and sell counterfeit replica purses, and they will be confiscated from the merchants from time to time. It is difficult to track down the manufacturers, however, as they are often manufactured outside of the country and imported. The legitimate purse designers themselves often assist in tipping off law enforcement to counterfeiters, because they have seen their sales take a significant hit.

There are two types of replica purses. The first type is meant to look exactly like the designer original; if someone were to look quickly, or not know exactly what the original looked like, you likely would not be able to tell the difference. The second type is the type of replica purse sold in discount stores, which may have a similar shape, pattern, or color to the designer original but is clearly not the same purse. This second type of purse is obviously not illegal, and is probably a better choice for that reason.

It remains your choice if you want to purchase the original or a fake purse. Keep in mind that that technically, you are encouraging copyright infringement with every fake purse you buy. It is also not helpful to your country's economy to purchase replica purses that have been imported illegally.


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For everything I am sure there will be different opinions. I am the type of person who normally buy things because first, I need them, second, I am attracted to its look and durability and third, it is affordable. I am never the person who pretends to be rich and does not eat at all just to buy an expensive bag from Saks. Although I own genuine designer handbags, I also have replicas which I buy online. Why do I buy them? Simply because of the three points I mentioned. And I love them the same way I love my originals!

Veronica Espino
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One of the major roles that it is playing nowadays is to give a stylish effect to all the women. Purses have become an integral part of a woman's style. The style statement nowadays is noted through purses and handbags.

This is the reason that women have to turn towards the stylish and elegant, but costly branded replica purses.

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