What are Replacement Grill Parts?

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When talking about replacement grill parts, it is important to differentiate between the type of grills. Charcoal, electric, and pellet grills generally have very few to no readily available replacement parts. Those looking for replacement grill parts are usually looking for parts to fit a gas grill, which is also most common type of grill available for home use.

Sometimes when a gas grill stops working, the fix is as simple as refilling the propane tank. After hours of use, the propane will run out. If the grill suddenly stops working after it had been burning, the most likely cause is that the tank has run dry. To be sure, some tanks have a guide to tell the user how heavy it will be when it is empty or full. These tanks can be traded in or refilled at places like local hardware stores and gas companies.

The tank connects to the main hose and regulator, which regulates the flow of gas to the controls. Hoses can be cracked, melted, or burned through after many uses or exposure to the elements. If there is a gas smell when turning the propane tank valve on, the hose is most likely leaking. The regulator is connected to the hose and is set by manufacturer. The replacement part for a regulator usually includes a new main hose.


The control knobs are the next grill replacement parts in the sequence of connections. They can be burned during gas leak problems or become worn with use. When they are replaced, care must be taken to reconnect the tubes behind them or gas leaks can occur.

The tubes behind the controls are called venturi tubes. These tubes are subject to the same cracking and melting that can happen to the main hose. Sometimes people think they need to be replaced, but they just need to be checked for air flow. Air is essential to make the grilling flame, since the propane has to mix with oxygen to produce fire, so a venturi tube has a small hole to allow that air to enter. If the hole has become obstructed by bugs or leaves, the burner will not get air flow and will not light.

It is common for the ignitor to have problems. Usually, the fix is an easy one. Ignitors need to be dry in order to create a spark. Since grills are usually sitting outside, it is possible for the ignitor to be damp fairly often and therefore unable to make a spark. A battery replacement will sometimes fix electrically run models. Occasionally, the problem is more serious and requires replacement grill parts like new wiring from the knob or button to the ignition area.

One of the most common replacement grill parts is the burner. Sometimes it can become clogged by grease and food particles and can be fixed by a good cleaning with a can of compressed air. Other times, it is worn down and rusted and should be replaced for safety's sake. They are usually expected to last about 3 years and range in price from aluminized steel at the low end to brass at the high end.

Above the burner is another of the common replacement grill parts called a barrier. The barrier can be made of lava rock, ceramic briquettes, or a metal shield. Lava rocks and briquettes are most likely to need regular replacement and should be monitored for grease and food particles that wear them down. The metal shields last the longest of the barriers and can usually be simply cleaned and scraped until they become rusted.

The last part of a grill that can be replaced easily is the cooking surface. They can be made of materials like cast iron, porcelain coated cast iron, stainless steel, porcelain coated steel and regular steel. Consumers should weigh the importance of nonstick surfaces to them in comparison to price and durability. For all grill parts including the cooking surface, regular cleaning and maintenance can improve the life expectancy.


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