What are Reading Pillows?

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Pillows have been around since the days of ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Initially, they were reserved for the wealthy. Most early pillows were fashioned from wood, but some pillows in China were carved from porcelain, jade, bamboo, or bronze. Such hard pillows were favored over soft pillows because some ancient peoples believed that hard pillows were better for overall health.

Wealthy people in ancient Greece and Rome slept on pillows made from reeds, straws and feathers. By the 16th century, pillows were more accessible to those who were not rich. During the 19th century, pillows began to be mass-produced so the average person could purchase pillows for their homes.

Today, the pillow is an object found in bedrooms throughout the world; however, not all pillows should be used for reading in bed. A reading pillow is a useful type of pillow that helps people who need more support. Reading pillows are specialized pillows that provide support to the back and neck as a person reads. They are ideal for people who love to read or study while reclining in bed or on the sofa. Larger reading pillows feature armrests, book holders, and stabilizers.

A reading pillow can help people who suffer from arthritis or back pain. These types of pillows can assist people in their hope to alleviate stress and tension in the body. They align the body, thereby improving posture and preventing back and neck strain.


Reading pillows are useful gifts for students as well. Students can study and read in bed without risk of falling asleep as they do so. This is because reading pillows permit them to sit upright instead of fully reclining on the bed. Those who enjoy watching television in bed can also benefit from a reading pillow since they can comfortably view their favorite television program without propping multiple pillows beneath the head.

People who want to purchase a reading pillow can find pillows in a variety of fabrics, colors, and materials. Since they can be purchased in so many colors, they fit various room decors. A person may decide to buy a reading pillow because conventional pillows do not provide enough support to people who like to sit upright in bed. If a person does not have sufficient support while reclining, she can suffer back and neck strain. Since the body is not aligned correctly, lung capacity decreases and breathing is reduced.


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Surprisingly, an ergonomic neck pillow is great for reading. I have used one with lavender scent for some time. It is not just helping me relax, I can read longer without noticing my neck and shoulder needing a break.

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