What Are Protein Pancakes?

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Pancakes are sweetened, round, and mostly flat foods cooked in a skillet and usually served for breakfast. A typical serving of these foods contains little protein and high calories, however. Proteins pancakes substitute certain ingredients to correct these issues, such as egg whites and protein powder. These foods might be a more attractive and healthful option for dieting individuals, and particularly for individuals involved in strength training.

Due to their high protein content of about 30 grams (around 1.1 ounces), protein pancakes have several proposed benefits over their traditional counterparts. For one, the calorie count of protein pancakes is significantly lower than a regular pancake. Despite the lower amounts of calories, the specific ingredients used in protein pancakes have a filling quality, which makes them ideal for appetite reduction and portion control. Proteins also help build muscle mass.

In fact, protein and protein products often serve as bodybuilding supplements. Protein powder is particularly popular with bodybuilders, as it can often be used as a meal substitute when mixed with water or a similar liquid substance. The powdered substance consists of whey protein that contains essential amino acids, which can help keep muscles in prime condition. As such, any substance containing protein powder — including protein pancakes — is of great interest to those involved in strength training. Such substances may thus be used to build good non-fat weight.


Several substances may also build up nutritional value besides protein powder. Cooks may substitute wheat flour for regular flour varieties. Oatmeal, egg white, and milk types like almond milk populate many ingredient lists as well.

Most pancakes have a sweetened base, and this aspect need not be sacrificed in protein pancakes. Many sugar substitutes exist that simulate the taste of real sugar minus the health drawbacks. In addition, extra touches like cinnamon and vanilla flavoring can further bolster sweetness. Even protein powders come in different flavors such as strawberry or chocolate. Some pancake makers also add lighter forms of traditional syrup.

Cooks prepare protein pancakes in basically the same manner as other pancake varieties. Ingredients are mixed and then dropped into a skillet. The batter should be cooked in the skillet until it takes on a golden color. Once this step has occurred, the other side of the pancake is cooked by flipping it over with a spatula. Protein pancakes may be somewhat drier in comparison to regular pancakes, but proper cooking can lessen this effect.


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