What are Prosthetic Testicles?

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Prosthetic testicles are a cosmetic implant used to replace a testicle or testicles that have been removed from both human and nonhuman males. These prosthetics may be made from silicone or saline and are designed to be inserted by a physician or veterinarian in what is generally a simple and short procedure. Advocates of prosthetic testicles believe that they have psychological advantages for men as well as pet owners who might be squeamish about the neutering process for domestic pets.

In some cases it is necessary to remove a man's testicle or testicles due to a medical condition, such as cancer or an undescended testicle. As a result, his genitals may look different, which can cause self-consciousness and, in the case of male children, teasing from his peers. A prophetic testicle can restore the appearance of his genitals, which may make him more sexually and socially confident. The insertion of a prosthetic testicle can be done in a quick procedure that takes about 15 or 20 minutes, though in some cases a surgeon may insert prosthetic testicles during testicle removal surgery. Some men and physicians prefer to delay the insertion of prosthetics in order to prevent postoperative complications.


Of key concern to men who receive prosthetic testicles is ensuring that they are appropriately sized and that they can remain in place after surgery. In some cases, men may need additional adjustments to their prosthetic testicles in the months following the insertion procedure. In rare cases, a man might develop infection, in which case the prosthetic testicle can be removed. Some men are not concerned about the appearance of their genitals and choose to forgo the insertion of a prosthesis.

There is also a market for prosthetic testicles to be used in animals following neutering. While there are significant advantages to neutering male domestic pets, including the minimization of aggressive behavior, some pet owners refuse to do so because of discomfort with the notion of castration. In order to encourage pet owners to responsibly neuter their pets, some veterinarians now offer the option of implanting prosthetic testicles at the time a castration surgery takes place. Pet owners who are more comfortable with the appearance of an unaltered animal may be more likely to agree to neutering if they know the animal will look as he did before. Prosthetic testicles for animals are typically solid silicone, unlike the gel-filled prosthetics inserted into human males.


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