What are Prostate Supplements?

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Prostate supplements are products a man may consume to help prevent, manage, and treat problems that affect his prostate gland. Among these problems are prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, and prostate inflammation. Supplements may include antioxidant-rich supplements and omega-3 and flaxseed oils to help prevent cancer. They may also include such supplements as pau d’arco, which can help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. Often, men begin taking prostate supplements when they are in their 50s and 60s, as prostate issues become more common as men age. While younger men may develop prostate problems less often, some may take these supplements in an effort to head off prostate problems before they occur.

The prostate gland is located at the outlet of a man’s bladder. Chestnut shaped and small when a man is younger, it typically grows as a normal part of aging. One of the purposes of a prostate gland is to help control the flow of a man’s urine, and it is also important in producing minerals, sugars, and other substances that are normally present in a man’s semen. These substances have the job of preserving sperm during its journey through a female's reproductive organs. While the prostate may perform important functions, it is not an absolute necessity; a man can live without his prostate gland if he has a condition that necessitates its removal.


There are a range of prostate supplements a man may take to help prevent cancer. Such supplements typically include antioxidants, which help to prevent abnormal cell growth, and soy, which is said to help prevent or slow cancer growth. Omega-3, tomato extract, and flaxseed oil are also among the supplements that may help prevent or retard the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. These supplements may not only help protect a man’s prostate, but may prove beneficial for his general health as well.

There are also supplements that are thought to be particularly good for treating or preventing an inflamed prostate, which is referred to as prostatitis. Among those recommended for an inflamed prostate are stinging nettle, pau d’arco, and Pygeum. Stinging nettle is believed to work by preventing testosterone-related protein from binding to prostate cell membrane receptor sites. Pau d’arco, on the other hand, is said to help fight bacteria that may contribute to the inflammation of the prostate. Pygeum supplements, when taken daily, may provide symptom relief, reducing inflammation and even helping to decrease prostate enlargement.

Prostate supplements aimed at treating and preventing enlargement of this organ include saw palmetto and zinc. Saw palmetto may work by helping to reduce inflammation as well as by impairing hormonal changes that can lead to enlargement. Zinc may also help reduce enlargement. In fact, men who suffer from zinc deficiency may be more likely to develop prostate enlargement.


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