What are Probiotic Supplements?

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Probiotic supplements are nutritional supplements that supply essential bacteria to aid in the digestive process. While the human body normally produces enough probiotic bacteria to adequately break down food, a number of health and dietary factors can reduce the amount of these good bacterial components in the stomach. A high quality probiotic supplement helps to restore this natural balance and in turn help the body to function properly.

There are other benefits of probiotics that are sometimes cited. Along with correcting an imbalance of bacteria within the stomach and digestive tract, the supplements are considered to indirectly correct health issues that result from the lack of proper digestion. By restoring balance to the digestion process, probiotics prevents the development of problems with the colon, ensures the immune system is nourished, and that blockages composed of putrefying waste materials do not develop.

Because of the corrective action of probiotic supplements, the product is often cited as a way of dealing with bad breath, acid reflux, constipation, and even problems with sleeping. Other sources attest that the supplements help to prevent stiffness in the joints as well as prevent the development of yeast infections.


When it comes to the effectiveness of taking probiotic supplements, there are two distinct schools of thought. One approach is that replacing lost probiotics with supplements is effective and is not likely to create any side effects. The body will naturally rid itself of any excess, so the chances of toxicity are extremely low.

A different opinion is that probiotic supplements are of no value whatsoever in restoring a proper balance to the digestion process. People who support this idea tend to feel the supplements simply pass through the system and accomplish nothing. They basically consider using probiotic supplements to be a waste of time or money. Utilizing traditional medicine to correct digestion problems is thought to be more effective and ultimately less expensive.

Even among supporters of probiotic supplementation, there is some difference of opinion on how to differentiate between an effective supplement and one that is ineffectual. While most supporters agree that probiotic capsules that contain nothing more than the bacterial compounds themselves are a good option, not everyone agrees that nutritional compounds which include a few probiotic substances are worth the time or effort. Still, there are many anecdotal accounts that attest to the efficacy of both formulas.

Obtaining probiotic supplements can be managed by consulting a homeopathic physician or purchasing various formulas in health and vitamin shops. A number of so-called exclusive formulas are also available over the Internet.


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Post 3

I think one of the biggest reasons a probiotic supplement is recommended is because of the type of foods we eat.

Many of us are eating on the run and are not getting the best nutrition. It is harder for our bodies to digest and absorb this food. We are also under a lot of stress, and this can complicate matters as well.

Since I started taking a probiotic acidophilus supplement, I don't get acid reflux nearly as often as I used to.

I have also been trying to make some healthier choices when it comes to my diet, so the combination of these things seems to be helping.

Post 2

@John57 - I felt the same way when I first started looking at taking a probiotic dietary supplement.

We have a large chain of grocery stores that have a health market in them, and also have a registered dietician in each store.

I talked with their dietician to see what kind of supplement they recommended as being the best. It was helpful to talk with someone who could explain what all the ingredients were and how they worked.

I have noticed a difference in my indigestion since taking this on a regular basis. It took about 2-3 weeks of taking one a day until I really noticed the difference.

My stomach feels much better and I don't feel so bloated after eating a meal like a used to.

Post 1

I have never taken a daily probiotic supplement before, but have sure been hearing a lot about them.

One day on the Dr. Oz show they were discussing which supplements were really necessary to take, and this was one that was mentioned.

I remember them saying that eating some yogurt every day was not enough for you to get the desired results.

Ever since I saw this show, I have seen several advertisements for taking these, but don't know how to go about getting the best probiotic supplement. It seems like all the choices that are available can be overwhelming.

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