What are Playhouse Kits?

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Children's playhouse kits have come a long way from the standard fort or tree house of yesteryear. Playhouse kits today build houses that rival the classy look of modern homes-and offer many of the same amenities.

Most children's playhouses come in the form of playhouse kits, with all the pieces precut and ready to assemble. Using just a few common tools, a free weekend, and a couple of handy friends or neighbors, your children can soon be enjoying a home of their own. A perfect place to play!

Playhouse kits are delivered to your door, and include detailed directions for assembly. Many come packaged with instructional videos or CDs to walk you through the process. You will likely need some measure of carpentry savvy to put a playhouse kit together. Building permits are not normally required unless the playhouse is larger than 1,000 square feet (93sm), but check your local building codes to be sure.

Playhouse kits render a scaled down version of a real house; they are sturdy, durable, weatherproof, and safe-both exterior and interior surfaces and edges are highly sanded for your children's protection.

Playhouse kits are available in an amazing variety of styles. Some of the most popular models include log cabin, Victorian, plantation, country cabin, Cape Cod, rustic, ranch, colonial, and even chalets. Houses aside, playhouse kits are also available for other types of buildings such as train stations, bus stops, fire stations, towers and clubhouses.


Many playhouse kits include amenities found on a real home; mailboxes, window boxes, flag poles, porch swings, and shutters are just some of the extra touches available. Most playhouse kits can be painted and trimmed to match the "big" house, or if you prefer, your child's favorite colors. The majority of playhouse kits include safety windows, child-sized Dutch doors, and a standard side door for easy parental access. Some manufacturers will custom build any size or style playhouse kit.

A playhouse will delight your youngster, providing hours of happy, creative fun. A playhouse kit is an investment in your children's future, and yours. Once the children have outgrown the house, it can make an ideal and highly attractive garden storage shed.


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