What are Photo Cards?

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Photo cards are cards with a photograph on the front, rather than a simple greeting, or a reproduction of a drawing or painting. There are a number of different styles of photo cards available, ranging from simple greeting cards with a photograph glued to the front, to specialty cards printed on photographic paper. Many stationery stores carry photo cards, along with supplies for making photo cards at home, and it is also possible to order custom photo cards from greeting card and printing companies.

Mass-market photo cards often include photographs of specific locations, so that travelers can send cards to friends with depictions of the places they visited. In the case of a folded greeting card, the inside is often left blank, allowing people to write a personalized message. Photo cards with generic images can also be used as condolence cards, congratulatory cards, or casual notecards.

Custom photo cards include photographs taken by the person sending the card, or by a friend or family member. Photographs of families and pets tend to be especially popular, but any image can be used for a custom photo card. Many people like to send out photo cards for the holidays, using the cards as holiday cards which broadcast news about the family to people who might be interested. Photo cards may also be sent out as wedding or graduation announcements, to jog the memory of the recipient.


A very basic custom photo card can be made by making or ordering photographic prints and attaching the prints to blank cards. Stationery stores often sell blank cards for this purpose, and it is also possible to start from scratch with cardstock which has been cut to size. It is also possible to run a card template through a home photo printer, generating custom photo cards at home which can include brief generic letters or notes in addition to the photograph. For more personalization, the interior of the card can be left blank for a handwritten note.

Some people rely on the services of a specialty company to make photo cards, sending out the images and the letter or greeting to be reproduced. The company prints the photo cards and provides matching envelopes for the convenience of the consumer. Several Internet companies offer this service, and locally-based stationery and printing companies may be able to provide it, or to offer a recommendation for a company which makes photo cards.


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Post 4

I think the most adorable photo cards I have ever received are those of baby photo cards. It seems to be more and more popular to create birth announcement photo cards whenever a new baby has come into the world. Instead of dealing with mass amounts of photographs and letters and other complicated means of communication, new parents can simply send out these photo cards as a means of spreading the news and joy of their new baby.

These birth announcements can be customized photo cards that will include a name as well as birth information if the parents so decide to include it.

Post 3

As a photographer, photo cards are a great way to be able to expand the audience that are seen your pieces of art. You don't have to be a big-time To Photographer s to be able to create photo cards these days.

Custom photo cards are available at many different types of photo labs and can be printed for a relatively cheap amount of money. This will allow you to be able to send your images a postcard style to your friends and family.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite way to create photo cards I recommend that you do the same.

Post 2

Whenever I feel the need to send out thank you notes I always use photo thank you cards. I think that by including a picture on a card whether to thank you note not, you are giving someone an image that is worth a lot more sometimes than a few simple words. While the photo may not make up for what it is that you're trying to tell your loved one, it can be a great addition to the message that you are sending.

I recommend sitting photo thank you cards anytime that you are in need of saying thank you to someone.

Post 1

One of my favorite pastimes is going and traveling to different locations in finding great photo cards to send back to my family and loved ones. This is a great way to share a memorable image that you have from your vacation.

Printed photo cards can be purchased at a variety of tourist shops of my favorite are the photo cards made and sold at local art shops. These uniquely characterized and often beautiful photographs are simply too nice to pass up.

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