What are Pet Psychics?

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Pet psychics, also known as pet or animal intuitives, believe that it is possible to communicate telepathically with our pets. Pet psychics also believe that we all do this instinctively on an everyday basis, but that they have the ability of using telepathy intentionally rather than only establishing accidental connections.

Pet psychics often work with pet owners who are trying to understand their pets' behavior or feelings. By talking directly to the animals, pet psychics claim to understand the true meanings behind actions, so the owners themselves can then formulate a plan of action. Some psychics deal with lost pets, trying to establish a connection to urge the animal to find its way home. A few pet psychics claim to act as mediums, connecting pet owners with animals who have passed on, but this is rare and more controversial.


Pet psychics often work at a distance, using a photo of the animal as a start-up point to establish a connection. Others work via phone, connecting first to the owner, and then imagining a link to the pet. After the psychic has reached a state of deep relaxation, he or she tries to communicate with the animal by sending telepathic messages in the form of pictures rather than words. These images can take the form of questions, directions, or even simple messages from the owner. Pet psychics claim that the response normally comes back from the animal in the form of a mix of pictures and feelings, and that they do not try to interpret this, but instead communicate to the owner what they see.

Only a few pet psychics claim that their ability is an innate gift. Most pet psychics claim that animal telepathy can be learned by anybody who has the willingness to commit to it, although of course it may take years to develop it. They suggest trying to communicate with your pet on a daily basis, by sending him mental images of simple things like picking up a toy or coming to you. You may be surprised at the results if you persist in the practice long enough.


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Post 2

@cellmania- Yes, the show was called “The Pet Psychic”. The psychic’s name was Sonya Fitzpatrick. She claimed to be able to communicate with animals, living and deceased.

Fitzpatrick grew up in England. She says she felt that she had some type of ability with animals at an early age. She had a terrier growing up and claimed to have felt the aches and pains of her dog.

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Wasn't there a pet psychic show on Animal Planet about a woman that could talk to animals? It seems like I remember something about it. Does anyone remember that?

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