What are Pet Friendly Cabins?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Pet friendly cabins are vacation cabins which accommodate pets as well as people. Travelers who like to travel with their pets or who are concerned about leaving them alone can take advantage of these pet friendly accommodations in many regions of the world. In addition to cabins, other pet friendly accommodations such as hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and so forth are available to cater to people with pets, and listings of such accommodations can be found in guidebooks for pet friendly vacations, as well as on the Internet.

Pet friendly cabins are vacation cabins which accommodate pets as well as people.
Pet friendly cabins are vacation cabins which accommodate pets as well as people.

At a minimum, pet friendly cabins are provided by companies which make it clear that pets are welcome on the premises. Vacationers may be asked to provide information about their pets at the time of booking, and there may be breed or species restrictions. Sometimes, small fees will be charged for people staying with pets, and these fees may cover extra services like linens for pets, food and water bowls, pet treats, and so forth which are designed to make pets feel more comfortable.

There is a high demand for pet-friendly cabins.
There is a high demand for pet-friendly cabins.

Rental cabins which offer pet accommodation options may have some rules about how the cabins are used. For example, people may be asked not to leave pets alone, and some pet friendly cabins come with pet daycare for people who want to leave their pets for a few hours while they explore or shop. People may also need to pay a cleaning deposit in case a pet has an accident, and they may sign a liability form indicating that they do not hold the operator of the cabin responsible for other pets which may be in the area, including vicious or unvaccinated animals.

Rental cabins designed for long term use can be pet friendly, as can short-term accommodations. When seeking pet friendly cabins for an overnight stay or a longer lease for something like a summer vacation or family reunion, people may want to ask about how many pets can stay, what kind of restrictions are in place, and how accessible veterinary care is, in the event that there is a problem which requires the services of a veterinarian. Other safety concerns might include proximity to water, and the ability to secure a cabin to keep animals safe inside.

Pet friendly cabins tend to fill up quickly, because there is a great deal of demand for them. People who intend to travel with animals should try to plan ahead to ensure that they will get accommodations which both they and their animals will be pleased with.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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I own a few rental cabins in the Smoky Mountains. It used to be that I offered pet friendly cabin rentals but I had a terrible experience with a renter once and I decided to get rid of the service completely. I felt bad about it, but this guy cost me almost $1000 in damages for stuff that his dogs did and I was never able to get him to pay up. I can't take that kind of a loss again so I just drew a line in the sand; no pets.

There are more pet friendly cabins for rent than you might realize. Cabins tend to be a little rougher around the edges and they already straddle the line between civilization and the wild. As a result, many of them allow people to bring pets, within reason of course. They might allow a small to medium sized dog or two but you will not be allowed to bring a whole pack of hounds.


Lots of people want to take their dog, cat or even more exotic pets on vacation with them, especially if they are taking a trip to an outdoors area. but if you are staying in a cabin it is always important to makes sure that your pet is welcome there by your host or by the agency that has rented you the space.

Bringing a pet when they are not welcome is a good way to anger your host or to loose a security deposit or face a fine. As great as your pet may be, animals can wreak havoc on a rental property. Many pet owners are oblivious to it because their own homes have been similarly ravaged. Make it easier on everyone and check in advance that your pet is welcome.

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