What are Personalized Towels?

Carol Francois

Personalized towels are bath and hand size towels that have been embroidered with the name or initials of the owner. This is done to ensure that the towel is only used by that person. Bath and hand towels are usually made of a cotton weave, with multiple loops embedded in the fabric to provide a soft textured, absorbent surface. Towels are used to dry the skin after a bath or shower.

Colored towels.
Colored towels.

Embroidery is a style of sewing that uses a series of very fine stitches to add design elements to fabric. The letters or initials on a personalized towel are usually embroidered in cursive letters. The font size selected for the letters is usually quite large and form part of the towel itself.

Towels can be personalized with symbols for small children who cannot read.
Towels can be personalized with symbols for small children who cannot read.

Personalized towels are not overly expensive and can be purchased from a wide range of sources. When selecting a company to purchase these towels from, check the quality of the towel by looking at the thread count. This number represents the number of threads used to weave the towel. The higher the thread count, the softer and more absorbent the towel will be.

Select the information that you want to have embroidered onto the towel and determine the price. Review the options based upon quantity and order in bulk for larger savings. In addition to embroidery, you can personalize towels by attaching a badge or logo onto the towel. The only issue with this is the reduced drying surface and the possibility of damage in the laundry. Monogrammed towels are a type of personalized towels that are very popular.

The history of the monogrammed towel is as an item of luxury for the wealthy. Only the wealthy could afford individual towels and expensive embroidery on an item that would not be seen in public. Today, personalized towels are easily affordable and are a great way to ensure that each family member is using their own towel. Symbols can be used for children too small to read to help them identify which towel belongs to them.

Personalized towels are also a popular gift item for extended family members. Gold or silver thread can be used to add sophistication and style to a simple towel. Anyone with an embroidery machine can add the name or initials of the gift recipient. When making a personalized towel as a gift, give some thought to the color scheme of their bathroom and coordinate the thread color so that it is clearly visible.

Personalized towels may be used after a bath.
Personalized towels may be used after a bath.

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