What Are Personalized Pajamas?

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Personalized pajamas are a type of sleepwear that has been customized in some way. Most of the time, personalization of clothing items of this type involves a monogram or name, which is applied to the pajamas. Pajamas of this type may also be tailored to a person's body or may include a personalized design that does not involve text. Sometimes this type of sleepwear is sold in sets so that a couple or family can have matching pajamas. It is also possible to personalize a set of pajamas at home using embroidery, screen printing, or other decorative techniques.

The most common types of personalized pajamas involve names and monograms. Traditionally, a person's monogram consists of three initials in a stylized design. On pajamas, this is typically applied to a chest pocket using embroidery, but there are some designs in which the monogram is applied to the back of the item. A person's full name can also adorn a chest pocket or other part of the clothing, either using embroidery or other printing techniques. Rhinestones or other decorations may also form names, although spiky elements are typically kept to a minimum for pajamas.


Many people order personalized pajamas that contain messages rather than names. It is common, for example, for pajamas to bear the name of an event or school. These messages are easy to order and often do not involve printing in multiple colors. Sometimes people order personalized pajamas for events like lock-ins at schools, and this may involve simply ordering pajama tops rather than full sets.

Holiday pajama sets are often personalized in order to commemorate a specific year. These may include pictures or reference to the event in question. Often, a date is included in pajamas designed for a given year. Some companies offer customizable designs using a number of available images combined with personalized aspects.

In addition to the types of personalized pajamas that can be ordered from companies, there are also ways to personalize clothing items at home. Making pajamas entirely from scratch is a relatively simple sewing project, and people often find that pajama bottoms are a great first sewing project. This type of personalized pajama set can involve completely custom fabrics, colors, and fit.

It is also possible to customize pajamas at home using fabric paints, embroidery, and screen-printing techniques. Applying beading, rhinestones, and other decorative elements to store-bought pajamas can be a fun project for children and can create a unique gift for slumber parties. Customizing pajamas in this way is an excellent way to create truly personal gifts, but it is important to remember that the resulting pajamas must still be comfortable enough to wear to bed.


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