What are Personalized Ornaments?

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Personalized ornaments are Christmas ornaments that have been printed or engraved with a person's name. They make unique gifts with their individual touch, and they are obviously chosen to be personalized and unique.

Some personalized ornaments come pre-made at your local department store. These ornaments will typically all be the same, with perhaps a male and female version, and a prominent space where the name is inserted. They will usually be arrayed on a display rack, with common names arranged alphabetically.

This can result in disappointment when you're shopping for someone with an uncommon name, or an unusual spelling of a common name. It's possible to try small changes on your own with paint or a permanent marker, but the added "h" on the "Sara" ornament will rarely look as polished as the original imprint, ruining the overall look. They'll appreciate your effort, though.

Many other personalized ornaments can be found at craft shows, and they offer a remedy to the uncommon name dilemma. These ornaments have been created ahead of time with a blank space for a name and they're personalized while you wait.

There are usually several options depicting people of differing sexes, ages, races and occupations/hobbies so you can find the ornament that best represents its intended recipient. A popular subdivision of these ornaments involves designs that can be personalized to include the entire family, such as stars on a Christmas tree or stockings on the mantel.


There are also a large number of ornaments that could be considered personalized that aren't literally inscribed with a person's name. These ornaments are created with a family member, career, hobby or some other specific characteristic in mind. So you can buy your mother a "World's Best Mom" ornament, your friend the teacher a "Teaching Touches Lives" design or any number of other personally-tailored possibilities.


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I have a personalized christmas ornament website and I love Christmas. I think they are a great unique gift that gives the gift receiver a great feeling that you put thought into their gift. A personalized christmas ornament is a MUST for all.

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Hi there! I collect personalized ornaments and think they are great fun for a family and use them as gifts. A lot of kids really like to get their ornaments out every year and find the special one where they were added to the family! I like the photo ornaments you can personalize too, and the ones for the dogs and cats. This year I got my ornaments from a cute website and they did a great job. They also have instructions on how to make your own ornaments.

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