What are Pedicure Slippers?

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Pedicure slippers, or pedicure flip-flops, are shoes worn during a pedicure to prevent damaging the polish while it is still wet. They are often made of foam when provided by salons and spas, and intended to be disposable. They are typically thrown out after one use. Some people choose to bring their own pedicure slippers to a pedicure appointment, however, in order to be more environmentally conscious, or to just feel more comfortable wearing their own shoes.

Pedicure slippers typically feature dividers between the toes, to spread the toes and prevent the toenails from touching, which would ruin the pedicure. Some pedicure slippers only feature one divider in between the big toe and the smaller toes, but others feature dividers in between each toe. These shoes allow people to walk around the salon or spa after having received a pedicure without damaging the pedicure, or having to put their bare feet on the floor.

Of course, it is not a requirement to wear pedicure slippers after receiving a pedicure. Many salons allow clients to relax in the chair and have a beverage while the pedicure dries, and then they can simply put their own shoes on and leave. It is generally a good idea to wear open-toed sandals for a few hours after receiving a pedicure, to prevent inadvertently damaging it.


Disposable pedicure slippers are quite inexpensive and may be ordered online in bulk, or most likely from a supplier who sells merchandise for salons. They come in all different bright colors and varying sizes to suit different people. When purchasing these slippers in bulk, it is possible that they will come in a one size fits all size. It is best for a salon to have these items on hand, as well as other pedicure supplies such as disposable nail files, foot baths, cuticle oil, foot and leg lotion, and various colors of nail polish.

If giving oneself a pedicure at home, purchasing a pair of pedicure slippers and wearing them while painting the toes might make applying the process easier. It can help one to get a more professional looking pedicure, and avoid mistakes such as getting nail polish on the floor or on the sides of the toes. Though they look like flip flops, pedicure slippers are not designed to be worn out of the house, and should only be worn indoors or at the salon.


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All the pedicure slippers I've seen were that cheap foam. Not that it matters -- they're disposable, after all.

If I had regular pedicures, I might consider wearing my own pedicure slippers, if I could find some I liked and that weren't too expensive. That cheap foam does look a little awkward, for sure.

I have seen women wearing the slippers outside, though. My sister has worn them outside to the car and took them off when she got home. So, they will last that long. I may price some, just in case I decide to have more frequent pedicures.

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