What are Panel Track Blinds?

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Panel track blinds are a type of window covering especially suitable for large windows and doors. A panel of material is attached to a sliding track system, usually wheeled for smooth operation. The track is mounted above the window or door frame. The panel can be opened or closed with a simple wand to slide it along the track.

Panel track blinds are relatively new to the window covering arena and compete with Venetian and vertical blinds. Advantages of using a panel track blind include less dust collected, ease of replacement, minimal movement and versatility in interior design. The safety of children and pets often comes into play with window treatments. Panel track blinds keep safety concerns at bay because they are usually operated by a stick wand, not dangling cords.

Panel track blinds stay mostly static with the track providing stable placement, reducing blind breakage and replacement costs. Some models offer weighted panel bottoms to hold the panel taut using gravity. The panels offer a clean, sleek look and are manufactured in a wide array of materials and patterns. The blinds are typically available in fabrics, sheer weaves, vinyl, and woven or solid wood. Vinyl blinds are most popular in kitchen and baths, where moisture is an issue. Parents of young children may appreciate the ease of cleaning vinyl panels, which can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge.


Sometimes, panels are attached with Velcro® onto the track, making removal and reattachment easy. Homeowners or commercial building staff can easily replace a torn panel. This also allows for no-fuss seasonal changes in interior decoration. Installing panel track blinds takes minimal skills. Additionally, the tracks do not take up much space above the window or door.

Panel track blinds are also suitable and inexpensive as room dividers. Their modern look, simplicity and low-cost is attractive when heavy, bulky room dividers are unwanted or it is not feasible to build a wall. Sizes can be customized depending on room size. As with panels covering windows and doors, homeowners can choose from solid or opaque styles depending on the desired amount of privacy or light.


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