What are Pallet Bins?

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Pallet bins are bins made with a pallet-sized footprint, so that they are easy to transport and organize on a large scale. A number of companies produce pallet bins to varying specifications and using different materials, for purposes ranging from transporting produce to stabilizing small boxes for transport. In addition to being used for transport and storage, pallet bins also have some uses around the house and garden. People seeking pallet bins can check with shipping companies and shipping suppliers to explore their options.

A basic shipping pallet is a flat platform which has been designed to a standardized size so that it is easy to handle and load. Pallets are specifically designed to fit on forklifts and other equipment which can be used for moving and lifting, and they are used to ship objects all over the world. Sometimes, however, a flat platform is not suitable for a shipping application, in which case a pallet bin may be used instead.


Pallet bins start with a flat platform like a regular shipping pallet, adding walls and sometimes a lid as well. The platform of the bin includes the same design as a regular pallet so that the pallet bin can be easily lifted with moving equipment, and the bin is also designed to be stackable with other bins. The pallet may be made from plastic, metal, or wood, and may be solid to protect the contents, or perforated so that the contents can be easily seen. Pallet bins also usually have a space to put a shipping label with a description of the contents, and some may be RFID enabled so that they can be tracked more easily.

Standardized sizes are available, along with stacking walls which can be locked together to create a pallet bin of any depth. Many pallet bins are also collapsible, so that they can be stored flat when not in use to take up less space. Collapsible bins are also easier to reuse, which reduces waste and operating costs.

In addition to being used for transport, pallet bins are also useful for storage. Warehouses may store objects in pallet bins to provide containment and easy access, and they can also be used for home and workshop storage. One creative use of the pallet bin is in the garden, where pallet bins can be ideal for composting as they provide containment and aeration at the same time. Gardeners can sometimes obtain used bins slated for destruction or disposal for free.


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