What Are PABA Vitamins?

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PABA vitamins are a distinct class of nutritional elements that feature non-protein amino acids. These elements are common in some types of greens, as well as other protein-rich foods like liver and eggs. PABA vitamins are sometimes called vitamin Bx, but these naturally occurring compounds are not considered actual vitamins by many experts. These kinds of vitamins are often used in suntan lotions and topical ointments sold as sunscreen. Some scientists have theorized that PABA vitamins can also help the body in other ways besides blocking out excessive ultraviolet rays and protecting skin.

One of the proposed benefits for PABA vitamins is that some scientists claim that they improve the body’s ability to process protein. This can be important for muscle building, or when an individual has particular nutritional needs for a protein rich diet. In terms of body chemistry, the PABA vitamin is said to enhance “intake” of protein, allowing the body to make more use out of the protein that the person takes in on a daily basis.


In addition, PABA vitamins are also, according to some scientists, helpful in the creation of red blood cells. In general, some view this kind of compound as an anti-aging vitamin that helps to preserve the skin, and delay other signs of aging. PABA vitamins are sometimes used for treating a range of skin conditions. While this element is FDA approved for some of these uses, opinions differ on the actual merits of PABA vitamins as nutritional supplements, and whether they can in fact be effective when taken orally.

One of the major claims for this type of product is that PABA vitamins can provide antioxidants. Antioxidants are a wider class of vitamins that, according to conventional nutritional science, help to prevent oxidization, which can be a driver of some types of decay in the body. Although antioxidants have been wildly popular in recent years, newer science is showing that they may not be as effective as previously indicated, and the use of antioxidants in general is now becoming somewhat controversial.

It’s important to know that PABA-containing vitamins can have some side effects. Doctors warn that when taken above recommended levels, these elements can cause nausea and stomach distress. At higher dosages, they can cause liver problems or kidney problems, as well as some types of side effects related to the blood. These elements can also be dangerous for children at high dosages. Consult a doctor before using a PABA vitamin as a supplement or treatment.


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