What are Organic Flannel Sheets?

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Flannel is a soft fabric spun from materials like cotton and wool. It is prized for its warmth, though this can vary depending upon thickness, and because it feels so soft to the touch. Many people enjoy flannel sheets, especially during cold months. Typically flannel sheet sets are made from cotton, and some are made from organically grown cotton and designated as organic flannel sheets.

Organic flannel sheets are made from cotton that is not grown with the use of certain pesticides, herbicides or chemically manufactured fertilizers. Different certifying agencies determine what organic means within a country. There can be allowable use of more naturally produced pesticides for instance. Organic growing typically means harvests are smaller, and this increases price.

Consumers will note price increase when shopping for organic flannel sheets. While sometimes people can find flannel sheet sets for low prices, organic flannel sheets cannot be said to be low-priced. Sheet sets for smaller beds tend to cost over $100 US Dollars (USD) and it is not unusual to pay significantly more for larger sheet sets. Occasionally shoppers can luck into a deal and find organic flannel sheets for a little less.


Many believe that the extra price is well worth the environmentally friendly nature of these sheets, and they may have other reasons for avoiding bedding that is produced using lots of chemicals. Those with environmental illnesses might do much better if they don’t use sheets that may potentially contain residues of pesticides or be treated with colors made from certain chemicals.

A growing number of people prefer to use organic flannel sheets or other organic products for babies and children. It is possible to find crib sheets made of organic flannel or other fabric weaves. Crib sheets tend to be much lower in price because they are smaller.

Other bedding made of organic flannel is available. People can purchase matching pillowcases, for instance. Some people love flannel comforters or quilts, and it makes sense to convert a bed to “totally organic” if a person is worried about chemical exposure.

Manufacturers warn that not all organic flannel sheets are equal. Those most desirable may not only be made organically but ethically without the use of child labor or abuse or workers in third world countries. Some sheets are still treated with certain chemicals to reduce wrinkling, and those truly concerned about chemical exposure should do some research to find manufacturing companies with the strictest standards.


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Post 2

@Denha- I agree with you. There are so many things added not just to sheets, but also to mattresses and pajamas and all sorts of things. In my house, I try to have only natural mattresses, mattress pads, sheets, and so on. It makes me feel safer, fire risk or not, than sleeping surrounded my artificial things.

Post 1

I hate the feel of flannel, but I am glad there are at least more organic bed sheets to choose from now, both flannel and other varieties. I never understood the interest in putting flame resistant chemicals on everything; if I am in bed when my house catches fire and I don't get out in time, let's face it, flame resistant sheets are not going to save my life.

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