What Are Nutella® Cupcakes?

C. Mitchell

Nutella® cupcakes are small dessert confections made with or frosted by Nutella® hazelnut spread. This spread originated in Italy in the 1940s, but is popular now in many parts of the world. Its smooth consistency makes it an easy addition to cupcake batter, as it blends and bakes evenly. Cooks can also use it as a frosting, either on its own or mixed into an existing recipe.

Nutella cupcakes are often made by swirling Nutella into batter to create a marbled look.
Nutella cupcakes are often made by swirling Nutella into batter to create a marbled look.

There are a great many different types of Nutella® cupcakes. Usually, the simplest preparation involves adding the hazelnut spread to an already-prepared cupcake batter. Making cupcakes usually requires cooks to prepare a sweet cake batter, then pour it into individual baking pans or special baking sheets designed specifically for cupcakes or muffins.

Nutella® can easily be scooped and incorporated into an existing batter. Sometimes it is used as a substitution for sugar or oil, but not always. The more Nutella® is used the more careful a cook will need to be, however. Most batters require a certain proportion of wet to dry ingredients in order to set properly during baking. Substantial quantities of Nutella® may require the addition of more flour to keep the cake’s consistency stable.

Creating marble-style Nutella® cupcakes is one of the most popular variations. Here, cooks take a basic yellow cake or vanilla-flavored cake recipe and fold the Nutella® in at the last moment. It is usually stirred into the batter to create a swirl before being poured into each cupcake pan. End results have a unique marbled look, where the yellow of the cake is contrasted by the dark brown ribbon of Nutella®.

The spread is also a common addition to chocolate-based cupcakes. Hazelnut is the spread’s most predominant flavor, but it also contains cocoa. Baking cupcakes from a combination of chocolate batter and Nutella® spread can be a good way of adding a bit of interest and nutty flavor to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cupcake.

Creative cooks may also look to fill cupcakes with the spread. Filled Nutella® cupcakes are usually more complicated, but are often also more unique. The filling process usually begins with ordinary cupcakes of any variety — either store-bought or homemade cupcakes will work. Cooks will then fill a pastry bag or small baking syringe with Nutella®, poke a hole in the cupcake, and inject the spread into the center of the confection. Filled cupcakes must usually be frosted to cover the hole.

Decorating cupcakes with the spread is another way to make Nutella&reg cupcakes. The fastest and simplest frosting method involves little more than smearing the spread atop the desserts. Mixing other frosting elements into the Nutella® can make for a more glossy, perfected appearance.

There are really no limits when it comes to Nutella® cupcakes. A range of different confections, from gourmet cupcakes to holiday cupcakes, can contain the spread in some form or another. Creativity and a bit of baking experience are usually all that are required for success.

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