What Are Note Cards?

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The term note card has several different definitions, and each definition covers a wide range of uses. The various types of note cards can include those used by students (or teachers) to take notes on readings or in classes. These may be called blank cards or sometimes index cards. Alternately a note card can be a card used for the purpose of correspondence, and these come in a variety of forms.

For students, teachers and for many others, note cards or index cards are helpful organization tools. When people are researching, they may write down quotes and sources on index cards. Alternately, some use index cards in order to have notes for speeches or presentations they plan to give. They can also be converted into flash cards for things like studying or learning multiplication, and they’re useful to have in the home for students from kindergarten on up. Index cards may be completely blank or have lines, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Other uses that are not related to education include writing down telephone numbers, or things like recipes on index cards. There are different boxes and organizing devices that can hold index cards of different sizes. The main thing with any use is making sure that cards don’t get lost or misplaced. However, even a good rubber band can keep cards together in a pinch.

In contrast to index cards, note cards for correspondence may be more limited in use but come in more styles. Simple cards can be completely blank, or have an illustrated front with a blank interior. Alternately, some people have personalized note cards with a printing of their name or initials.

Such cards can be greatly useful for sending brief notes or letters to others. Simple cards with few decorations or with tasteful illustrations can be used as thank you notes, but really they are ideal for most types of brief correspondence. People who want to write long letters may start on a note card and then add several pages.

Many people purchase blank cards with envelopes, which may have coordinating colors or designs. In stationary stores and many drug stores it’s easy to find plenty of designs and cards that may come in designated packs of 10 or 20. Sometimes people can buy packs of cards that have several different designs.

When cards are personalized, they may need to be ordered at a local stationary store or online. Personalized cards can have decoration or not depending upon a person’s taste, and price tends to depend on the quality of paper used and printing costs. Some paper quality is about standard with the traditional greeting card, but other shoppers choose thick, high quality paper that will much more expensive.

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Post 3

Sneakers41-When I think of note cards I automatically think of index cards. My kids use index cards when studying for their weekly vocabulary test.

They put the word on one side and the definition on the back of the card. This way they can study in the car or basically anywhere without having to open up their backpack and take out all of the contents.

It is also easier for me because I can shuffle the cards and change the order around to make sure that they truly know the definitions.

It is really an effective tool for studying and since I have my kids put these cards together themselves so they are also practicing their study skills and becoming more efficient in their study habits.

Post 2

Moldova-I always have blank note cards on hand because I can use them for a variety of occasions.

These folded note cards can be included in a birthday gift bag or as a note of thanks for a dinner invitation or gift that I received.

I really do not like the floral note cards and prefer the stationary note cards best. I usually buy these at my Hallmark store and they are nice to have around so that you can immediately thank the people that really made pleasant overtures towards you.

Thanking someone in a timely fashion is a must and keeping these cards on hand will allow you to accomplish that with no problem.

Post 1

I really like thank you note cards. The monogrammed note cards are really pretty. These are usually also embossed note cards that have a stylish look to them.

It is important to have thank you cards on hand because you never know when you will need to send one. Receiving a handwritten stationary note cards means a lot because many people do not take the time to do this simple gesture.

Custom note cards really stand out and make the receiver of the card feel really appreciated and truly thanked.

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