What are Nail Stickers?

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The term "nail stickers" can refer to two different types of small adhesive stickers that are applied to the nails. The first type of nail stickers are those used for decoration; these come in virtually any design, and are applied directly to bare or painted fingernails or toenails. The second type of nail stickers serve as a guide for someone trying to create a French manicure, with white tips.

This second type of nail sticker comes in a half-moon shape, and is applied on the nail below the point where the white nail polish will go. Any nail polish color can be used, but white is the most common. The nail is then painted above the nail sticker, and the sticker can then be peeled off, leaving a perfectly smooth line and a uniform appearance on each nail. These nail stickers are particularly convenient for those who want to give themselves a manicure at home, but find it difficult to paint a straight line across the tip of the nail.


A more common type of nail sticker is the decorative sticker. These are used to place a tiny image on each individual nail; one may place a sticker on every nail, or simply a few. These come in any design imaginable, and can usually be found with the manicure tools and nail polish in stores. More designs may be ordered online. These may include different shapes, such as hearts or stars, flowers, cartoon characters, or holiday themes, just to name a few.

When nail stickers are placed, it is typically a good idea to paint a thin coat of clear nail polish over them to prevent them from peeling or catching on anything. In addition to helping the stickers last longer, it allows them to really become a seamless part of the manicure. Some types of nail stickers come in a small gemstone or crystal design; with this type, it is not possible to paint over them, but they are typically made with strong adhesive, and stick quite well.

It may be a good idea to purchase a larger pack of these gemstone nail stickers than is needed, so one can be easily replaced if it falls off. Nail stickers may be applied to clean or painted nails, natural or fake nails, and can typically be easily removed with nail polish remover. To add flair and style to nails, these types of nail stickers are an excellent, simple, and inexpensive choice.


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Post 3

@burcinc-- I use tweezers to remove the stickers and apply them on my nails. They are really hard to manage with fingers because they tend to be tiny. You should also use tweezers to handle them properly. And don't rush, be gentle so they don't get damaged.

Some nail gems and 3d nail stickers can be reusable if you do a good job removing and cleaning them with nail polish remover. The flat ones with sticky backs are not usable though. They generally get destroyed or melt when you're removing the polish.

Post 2

I love those French manicure sticker tips. I started using these nail design stickers when they first came out and I've been suing them since. They're so easy to use! I must have saved hundreds of dollars doing my French manicure at home myself with these stickers.

I even did them for my wedding and no one could tell that they were done at home. My friends always ask me which nail salon I go to. These sticker tips are so basic and simple but they do a really good job.

I wouldn't be able to do French manicures without them because my hands shake too much when I paint the tips. And they're really cheap. I get it in a bulk pack online and it lasts me all year. I also save money by reusing the tips I used on my hands to do a French pedicure on my feet right afterward.

Post 1

Does anyone have any tips for applying nail art stickers? And is it possible to reuse them?

I have a pack of nail stickers and I tried to apply them on my nails but it didn't go too well. The stickers are so tiny, it was hard to remove them in the first place. Most of them got ruined in the process of taking them off the paper and putting them on my nails. And then, I couldn't maneuver the stickers on my nails.

I was so frustrated that I basically quit half way and took everything off. Is there a better way to do this? And is there any way to make the stickers reusable?

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