What are Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts?

C. Lieberman

Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts®, or MDMA® is a bodywork modality that is practiced in water. The art combines the lack of gravity felt when floating in water with massage and yoga-like techniques. While a client floats, Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts® practitioners help them relax through gentle body manipulations that may include stretching, squeezing and shaking. Working in warm water allows clients to fully relax their muscles, and it helps to slow circulation and heart rate. MDMA® is aimed to work on the physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Clients can be prepared to feel relaxed, re-aligned, and open to potentially experience emotional and spiritual releases.

Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts may help slow circulation and heart rate.
Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts may help slow circulation and heart rate.

The practice was developed by Sandy Friedland, a native of Miami Beach, Florida, and a longtime bodyworker. Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts® was inspired by Friedland’s love of the water and waves. She had experienced the freedom of movement that is possible in water due to the lack of gravity and felt the natural wave movements in water reflected the movement in energy throughout the body. MDMA® takes advantage of these qualities of water in order to relax, rejuvenate, restore, and explore the energy and physical bodies of both client and practitioner.

Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts® is most commonly practiced in warm bodies of water, usually in swimming pools where strong currents, waves, and the commotion of other people are absent. Clients can choose to wear a bathing suit or to be nude during the session. The womb-like environment is said to allow a more complete relaxation than would be possible on a massage table or chair. The water alters auditory function, and the warmth slows heart rate and blood circulation.

Clients rest their heads, arms, and legs on floating cushions so they can completely relax. MDMA® practitioners gently move and palpate clients’ bodies in wavelike and spiral motions. Techniques can include stretching, squeezing, gently pinching, shaking, or otherwise gently manipulating clients’ bodies. Floating clients in water allows MDMA® practitioners to access them from all angles. The lack of gravity means that normally tense or activated muscles in the client’s body can be completely relaxed, particularly spinal muscles that are involved with standing, sitting, and walking.

Friedland does not exclusively practice Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts® in the water, and claims that the principles of the technique can be applied at any moment and by anyone. Other MDMA® practitioners combine the technique with various bodywork modalities such as Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, and yoga. Some choose to offer MDMA® alongside other treatments, while others blend treatments together.

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I've received several MDMA sessions. For me, they were more spiritual than physical. I feel so peaceful during MDMA. It truly is like returning to the womb for me. I feel very safe and comfortable. That's why I enjoy it.


@serenesurface-- I think that MDMA will definitely benefit you.

The article has already described the benefits of MDMA. The major benefit is that the technique takes place in water. So your muscles will already be very relaxed and will stretch more than usual. This might help provide relief from some of your symptoms.

The other advantage of MDMA is that it's gentle. It's not advised for people with serious spinal issues to engage in demanding exercise or stretching routines. That's not an issue with MDMA because it's gentle and will not cause injury.

You should find someone who is an expert in MDMA and talk to them specifically about your situation.


I had not not heard of this therapy technique before, but it sounds like something that would help me.

I suffer from back problems like a herniated disc and a narrow spine. I suffered from a severe back spasm six months ago. The tension and pain of that spasm has remained with me. I have a lot of tightness in my legs and loss of sensation in some areas.

My doctor advised me to keep my muscles relaxed and stretch a lot. I try to, but it seems that the stresses of daily life cause tight muscles without me even realizing.

Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts would help with my problems right?

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