What are Mud Guards?

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Found on a number of recreational vehicles, long haul trucks and even some bicycles, mud guards are simple devices that are used to protect the sides of the vehicle from mud and other loose substances that are commonly found along both dirt and paved roads. Here are some examples of how the mud guard works, and how this practical accessory is often also used to make a personal statement.

Also known as mud flaps, the mud guard is a common site on the large vans and transfer trucks that haul goods from one part of the country to another. A basic mud flap is a section of sturdy material that acts as a shield. Road conditions often include loose gravel or rocks, mud, and other factors that can damage the sides of a truck over time. Mud guards intercept and slow down materials as they are stirred by road traffic, and help to deflect tar, rocks, mud and other substances away from the vehicle proper. Because the mud guards are made of material that can be rinsed off easily, they can be maintained for an extended period of time.


Mud guards are also helpful additions to recreational vehicles. The use of mud guards to deflect rocks and other loose material will help to preserve the paint finish on the vehicle, by preventing scratches and small indentations from peppering the finish. Mud guards for smaller trucks and recreational vehicles can be found at most auto supply stores, as well as many discount retail stores. The installation process is very simple, and can be accomplished in a very short amount of time.

Even bicycles can benefit from the presence of mud guards. This is especially true when the bike is used for daily commuting or for weekend outings in rough terrain. Mud guards not only help to protect the wheels and gears on the bicycle, but also can deflect mud and small rocks away from the legs of the rider.

One of the fun aspects of mud guards is that they can be as decorative as they are practical. Mud guards with cartoon characters, popular sayings, and images of performers are common. Some businesses utilize advertisements on oversized mud guards as another strategy for generating interest in their goods and services. There are also manufacturers of mud guards that will create a customized set of mud guards using images or text supplied by the customer. With a price range that goes from budget models to expensive customized products, mud guards are firmly established as part of the road.


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