What are Motorized Scooters?

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Motorized scooters are motorized vehicles that feature two wheels. Also known as mopeds or electric scooters, motorized scooters are an economical way to commute around town without spending money on excessive amounts of gasoline. They are used often in places such as Europe, Asia, and other warm-climate areas. Motorized scooters usually weigh no more than 130 (60 kg) pounds and reach speeds of 35 mph (56 km/h). A motorized scooter is powered by a single engine, making it the transportation of choice for people who wish to travel to nearby places in the neighborhood and save money at the same time.

Similar to motorcycles, motorized scooters have safety features including horns, mirrors, and lights. The throttle and brakes have hand controls, making the motor scooter as simple to ride as a bicycle. Consumers can purchase motor scooters that are battery operated as well. Since they do not require gas and are environmentally friendly, some consumers may prefer a battery-powered motor scooter rather than a traditional motor scooter.

As with any vehicle, it is crucial that the driver practices good safety habits. Drivers should use a properly fitted helmet each time they ride a motor scooter. U.S. Consumers should look for a helmet that features an official Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker. A DOT sticker ensures the consumer that the helmet has been approved for use.


Wearing shatterproof glasses, goggles, or a helmet with a shield is another important way to stay safe while driving a motorized scooter. Since the driver will be exposed to the elements, it's necessary to have proper protection from airborne debris that can hit or damage the eyes. Wearing eye protection also prevents the driver's eyes from drying out.

Other important equipment can ensure that the driver enjoys a safe ride. For example, wearing pants instead of shorts helps to protect the legs when riding in the open air. Using a long sleeved shirt or jacket provides protection to the arms. Gloves can be worn to help the driver maintain a strong grip on the motor bike's handles.

The first time a person uses a motor scooter, she should practice riding in a safe area. A good place to practice would be a vacant parking lot. Before riding on the motor bike, the new driver should inspect the vehicle for any defects. This will usually involve consulting the user's manual in order to become familiar with any problems the vehicle may display. The new driver should practice stopping and starting the vehicle smoothly in order to grow accustomed to situations she will encounter in traffic.


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