What are Moon Chairs?

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Moon chairs are chairs that have a rounded seat shape. The rounded seat curves inward, so it resembles an inverted circle or a wide cup. This type of chair has a wide base and legs that are often collapsible, making them easy to transport for use both inside and outside. A moon chair’s unique circular seat cups the body when you sit, allowing you to relax partially reclined. These chairs strongly resemble papasan chairs, but papasan chairs usually have bamboo frames and bases that are not foldable.

A moon chair can make a nice addition to a child’s bedroom. They can be found in a wide range of colors, so they can fit in with almost any type of décor. There are many inexpensive moon chairs on the market, which is nice for parents who want to keep spending down while their children are young and hard on the furniture. These chairs also come in a wide range of themes and designs, such as princess or race car themes. They can even be found with favorite cartoon characters printed on the seat.


A moon chair may also make a nice addition to a family or recreation room. This casual piece of furniture can fit right in wherever a family socializes and plays the most. They can be used for lounging in front of the TV, relaxing while reading a good book, debating with family members, or even spending long hours on the phone. Although, there are many child-sized moon chairs, they are not made for children only. Adults have many choices available for enjoying them too.

Spring and summer may be great times to have moon chairs handy. They can be carried to the park for watching the kids at the playground, lounging around at a cookout, or watching fireworks in comfort; they may even make appearances at sports games. Some people tote them to the beach for lounging on hot summer days. Many moon chairs come with their own carrying bags to make toting them around easy, and some of them are even made of weather-resistant fabric, so they can stand up to the elements and even accompany users on camping trips.

While it is true that many moon chairs are inexpensive, comfy pieces of furniture, there are also some styles that are more along the lines of ordinary living room furniture in terms of costs and looks. Some of them have fixed legs that do not collapse, and these chairs cannot be carried in bags or easily moved outdoors. There are also some high-style options for those who want something extra fashionable, and some of them have a high-tech look to them. However, they all have the cupped sort of seat that identifies them as moon chairs.


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