What Are Mink Eyelashes?

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Mink eyelashes are an alternative to the synthetically manufactured false eyelashes sold in beauty supply stores. Mink artificial eyelashes are made with genuine fur from a mink, created for women who prefer more natural looking artificial eyelashes. Most manufacturers claim to gather their mink hair by a method that includes brushing the fur from a live mink. This procedure is considered to be a humane method and is nonirritating to the animal. Genuine mink eyelashes have gained popularity through endorsement by celebrities.

Women with very sparse or thin lashes have used fake eyelashes for ages, as a way of enhancing their appearance. Synthetic or man-made eyelashes are the most common type produced, due to the affordability. Mink eyelashes are typically reserved for special occasions, as they tend to be quite costly. Most types of artificial eyelashes are applied with eyelash glue and an applicator or tweezers.

Minks are carnivorous animals, related to the weasel and strongly resembling a ferret. Noted for its silky fur which has been used for manufacturing clothing, the mink can be found in parts of North America and Europe. The glossy silken hairs of the mink are gently gathered for producing false eyelashes, then dyed to resemble various colors of human hair. Some mink artificial eyelashes are left natural and undyed. Dark brown or black mink hair is often preferred by those with natural dark hair color.

Mink eyelashes come in in many styles, including a wispy and fringed texture. Other styles of mink lashes are very full and lush. They can also be created with add-on accessories, such as diamond accents. Styles, textures and colors will vary according to the eyelash manufacturer.

Most types of mink lashes are reusable for multiple times. Generally, after about 15 or 20 uses, the mink eyelashes begin to wear down and fray, needing to be replaced. Most mink eyelash manufacturers include some type of adhesive as well as a storage container with their product. Mink eyelashes require special care and gentle handling to maintain the original luster and condition. Manufacturers recommend keeping the mink lashes free of moisture.

Before being offered for sale, mink faux lashes are typically sterilized and made hypoallergenic. Genuine mink products can be costly, therefore mink eyelashes are not an option for everyone. Mink lashes that are adorned with gemstones, crystals or diamond accents are considered a luxury item by many.

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What complete crap. These minks live miserable lives and are often skinned alive. This article makes it seem humane to wear animal fur. That is as preposterous as saying rape is humane.

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