What Are Mini-Makeovers?

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The term “mini-makeovers” typically describes the act of making a few small, but positive, changes in someone’s personal style or appearance. Unlike a full makeover, during which a person may significantly change her appearance by making changes to her hair, makeup, and clothing, mini-makeovers often incorporate a change in just one aspect of a person’s appearance or a few slight changes in each area. In some cases, cosmetics companies, spas, and salons may also offer mini-makeover services to customers. These services typically involve the limited use of cosmetics. For example, instead of doing full makeup on a customer or client, the makeup artist may simply make changes to the client’s eyes and lips.

Many women and men find that updating their personal style and appearance can have very positive effects on their own attitude as well as the ways in which others perceive and treat them. Not everybody, however, has the time or the inclination to make several significant changes all at once, as is often done during a traditional makeover. Instead, a person may make a few noticeable but not overwhelming changes in his or her grooming routine or wardrobe, either on his or her own or with the assistance of a personal appearance professional,.


For some people, effective mini-makeovers may consist of changing their hairstyle or hair color. In a hair makeover, the individual may add highlights to his or her hair, add layers, or cut bangs, also known as “fringe” in the United Kingdom, across his or her forehead. In a fashion makeover, someone may clear his or her wardrobe of older outdated clothing and add a few key pieces and modern accessories in order to refresh his or her look.

Some makeup artists offer mini-makeovers in salons and spas as well as at cosmetics counters in department stores. These mini-makeovers may be offered to sell cosmetics or as an additional perk for a salon customer who purchases several services at once. When used to sell cosmetics, mini-makeovers are distinguished from full makeovers in that the customer is not required to remove all of her makeup but may instead simply be asked to remove what cosmetics she is wearing from one or two parts of her face, such as the eyes or lips. The makeup artist then simply applies products to those areas of her face. In a salon, a similar principle may apply, as someone who is already having her hair or nails done might be treated to a new eye makeup look or a very basic daytime makeup application using only a few products.


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