What Are Mini Burgers?

Eugene P.

Mini burgers essentially are smaller versions of full-size hamburgers, usually around one-half or one-quarter of the standard size. Although there is no exact history of mini burgers, they were first commercially popularized by fast-food restaurant chains. Just like a regular burger, mini burgers are usually made of ground beef and can be topped with all the same condiments, although in decidedly smaller amounts. They also are served on smaller buns or buns that have been cut to fit their unique size. Mini burgers often are used as appetizers, party or snack food, a compact meal for an outdoor event or travel pack, or simply as a smaller portion for children and others with a light appetite.

Mini burgers are ideal for grilling.
Mini burgers are ideal for grilling.

The small size of the patty used in making mini burgers has made a variety of cooking methods possible. Aside from standard grilling or pan frying, mini patties also can be steamed, baked or braised. The undersized patties also are easier to make from ingredients other than beef, including salmon, eggplant, beans and oysters. One problem the size of the patties sometimes presents is the limited amount of space available for mixing ingredients into the burgers, usually resulting in larger ingredients being stacked on top of the burger after cooking.

Some recipes for mini burgers incorporate tuna fish.
Some recipes for mini burgers incorporate tuna fish.

The rolls on which mini burgers are served are not always a particular style. Unlike full-size hamburgers, it can be difficult to find buns to fit the smaller burgers. A few common choices include dinner rolls, biscuits and slices of toasted bread. For convenience, a long sandwich roll or hot dog roll can be sliced into smaller squares to fit each patty. Some recipes even call for the roll to be omitted completely, with the mini patties being served over rice or pasta.

Mini burgers can be dressed with traditional condiments, such as ketchup.
Mini burgers can be dressed with traditional condiments, such as ketchup.

Mini burgers are fairly versatile when it comes to the different ways they can be served. They can be stacked on platters and presented buffet style with condiments and toppings on the side, or they can be plated in pairs with a salad for a more formal presentation. As hors d’oeuvres, they can be skewered with toothpicks and made small enough to be eaten in a single bite.

There are many different recipes for mini burgers, using everything from tuna to mushrooms to ground duck to make the patties. They can be drenched in caramelized onions or topped with remoulade sauce. In the end, the one defining feature is the small size of the patties.

A burger press can be used to shape mince meat into the right size and shape for a burger patty.
A burger press can be used to shape mince meat into the right size and shape for a burger patty.

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One thing I really enjoy about mini burgers is how much variety is available with it, also stated in the last paragraph. Ranging from tuna, to mushrooms, to even duck, the options are practically limitless. Also, it really shows how whether it's a full sized burger or a mini one, hamburgers aren't just limited to beef, which some people easily assume.


@Krunchyman - Well, with White Castle, the quality is going to be lower because it's a fast food chain, and (normally) everything is served in stock. However, considering how restaurants are more of a place where you can sit down and eat, the quality should be a lot better, and it usually is. Although contrary to your opinion, I actually enjoy White Castle's sliders.


I know of a few places that serve mini burgers, some being better than others. I believe that Chili's has them on their menu. They're quite enjoyable, and far better than White Castle's, which also serves them, commonly known as "sliders". In relation to mini burgers, does anyone find White Castle to be overrated? A lot of people I know love it, but I honestly don't see what the big deal is.

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