What Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

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Micro loop hair extensions are a type of hair extension attached by threading sections of natural hair through small loops to hold each extension securely in place. They are also known as micro ring hair extensions, and they are usually added in row patterns about 0.4 inches (roughly 1 cm) away from the scalp for the most natural appearance. The number and thickness of the micro loop hair extensions depends largely on the thickness and length of the natural hair. One main advantage of these hair extensions is that they are not applied with glues or bonding adhesives that can potentially cause hair breakage or even allergic reactions in some clients. These hair extensions also do not require the use of hot flat irons that can also damage natural strands.


The process of threading hair correctly into the micro loop of the extension begins with holding the extension itself in one hand and using a larger guiding loop in the opposite hand. Once finished with the guiding loop, the stylist usually secures the micro loop firmly around the natural hair strand with a small set of pliers. Although it is possible for clients to apply their own micro loop hair extensions, enlisting the help of a professional stylist can prevent uneven or crooked rows of hair extensions. In order to prevent visible micro loops, these extensions can only be applied to certain areas on the back and sides of the head. It is also important not to crimp or bend any of the micro loops with the pliers because they will need to be loosened and readjusted as the natural hair grows longer.

Getting hair extensions can be an involved process, and there are a few considerations when it comes to caring for micro loop hair extensions. Most of these extensions are made from human hair that is best maintained with high-quality shampoos and other products. Human hair extensions are known for their tendency to dry out and become matted if they are not well-conditioned, and micro loop extensions are no exception. Clients with new extensions should look for products without added alcohol, harsh detergents, or fillers.

Before using micro loop hair extensions, potential clients should also consider the current length and condition of their natural hair. Most stylists recommend that the existing hair be at least 3 to 4 inches (about 7.6 to 10 cm) in length for the extensions to blend in well. Hair that has been over-processed often benefits from a conditioning treatment a few weeks prior to getting these types of extensions.


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Post 3

@literally45-- But how do you sleep in them? They're so uncomfortable.

I think micro loop hair extensions are fine if it's just a few strands, like a few strands of pink at the front. But applying them to the entire head is so uncomfortable. The little loops hurt a lot whenever I put my head on a pillow.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Actually, that's normal. There will always be shed hairs that will come off while the micro loops are taken off. We naturally lose many hairs everyday but the hairs in the loop cannot fall off because they're attached together. This is not damage that the extensions caused.

Micro loop hair extensions are actually much less damaging than keratin binders or glue. These methods damage hair a lot. I prefer micro loop extensions to the others, especially because I want my extensions to last me at least six months and cause as little damage as possible.

Post 1

I had hair extensions put in with the micro loop fusion method three weeks ago. I couldn't stand them any longer and had them taken out today. As the hair stylist was removing them, I was shocked at the amount of shed hairs that came off with the binders. I regret having my extensions put in with micro loop fusion.

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