What are Matchstick Blinds?

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Matchstick blinds are window coverings that are composed of many horizontally placed bamboo wood sticks. The sticks are rounded much like long wood matchsticks and this is how these window blinds get their name. They're also called matchstick roll up shades as they open and close with a pulley type system in which string threaded through the wood sticks rolls the blinds up and down. Although some matchstick window blinds feature rough, irregular sticks that allow some gaps of light to show through, typical matchstick blinds feature smooth, uniform sticks that are tightly woven together.

In addition to the string pulley system that allows the blinds to be opened and closed, strings are threaded lengthwise through a matchstick blind at regular intervals so the sticks stay close together. Matchstick blinds are designed to look neat from both sides of a window as they aren't lined with any other material. The metal pulley hardware is located at the top of the blind and doesn't usually show when the blinds are hung above a window. Many of these blinds have an upper header section that covers the hanging hardware. Most matchstick roll up blinds have a bamboo pole attached at the top to add a bit of a decorative touch.


Most matchstick blinds are made of light-colored wood. Although the sticks are usually close together, the blinds also let some light into the room while maintaining privacy. Matchstick window blinds can give a light, airy look to a room’s decor. The overall look a matchstick bamboo blind often provides is casual, yet tasteful and classic. These blinds can fit in well with any type of decorating style.

Matchstick window blinds are available in at least five or six different sizes. They fit most standard home windows and sliding patio doors. Matchstick blinds can also be the ideal solution when hung as a privacy screen on apartment balconies, as they look attractive outdoors and create a private wall while still allowing some sunlight and air to pass through.

Matchstick roll up blinds are typically not very inexpensive. Many matchstick blinds cost between $15 and $50 US dollars (USD) depending on their size and quality. The low cost plus their neutral wood color makes matchstick shades a good choice for tight budgets or for use as temporary window coverings. Sometimes the wood sticks in matchstick blinds may break, but applying some clear bonding resin or glue may help repair a broken blind.


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