What Are Marshmallow Squares?

Lauren Romano

Marshmallow squares are a dessert whose primary ingredient is marshmallows, but can also come in one of two types — crispy and non-crispy. There are usually only a few ingredients necessary for the basic recipe, but making different varieties requires adding one or more ingredients such as chocolate chips. The squares are typically neutral or dark in color because of the ingredients used, but there are several ways to brighten them up a bit. Those who adhere to certain dietary restrictions or preferences can alter the recipe according to their needs.

Peanut butter is sometimes used to make non-crispy marshmallow squares.
Peanut butter is sometimes used to make non-crispy marshmallow squares.

Some marshmallow squares are crispy, others are non-crispy, and using one ingredient means the difference between the two — crispy rice cereal such as Rice Krispies®. Non-crispy squares are more creamy due to the type of the ingredients used. For crispy squares, the crispy rice cereal is what adds the crispy, crunchy texture. Both types are easy to make; the ingredients are melted and blended together on the stove, then placed into a cake pan to coagulate and cool. From preparation to cooking, they typically take less than a few hours to make.

Butter, peanut butter and marshmallows are what's necessary to make a basic recipe for non-crispy marshmallow squares. To make crispy squares, the basic recipe includes butter, marshmallows, and crispy rice cereal. There are also several other varieties to make by adding one or two extra ingredients. For example, add butterscotch chips to make butterscotch marshmallow squares, chocolate chips to make chocolate squares, and shredded coconut to make coconut squares. Peanuts can also be added for extra flavor and crunch.

Considering the dark- or neutral-colored ingredients included in the recipe, the marshmallow squares aren't very colorful. Adding in colored marshmallows, colored chocolate chips or a few drops of food coloring can brighten up the final product. If making them for a specific event or holiday, choose decorative coloring options that coordinate with the occasion, such as using red food coloring when making them for Valentine's Day. Other options include using icing to make a design on top, spreading on a thin layer of frosting, or by melting chocolate or peanut butter chips on the finished squares.

Those who have certain dietary restrictions may have a problem devouring the delicious marshmallow squares, but interchanging certain ingredients can fix that problem. For example, those who are vegan can use vegan marshmallows. Even those who have nut allergies can make the recipe without the peanut butter by substituting in soy nut butter, which is dairy- and nut-free.

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@ZipLine-- Have you ever tried using a different type of cereal for marshmallow squares? Or different flavored marshmallows?

I've made marshmallow squares with chocolate cereal and also squares with mint flavored marshmallows. Both turned out very good!


@bear78-- Marshmallow squares are so easy to make, you must give it a try!

The best part about these treats is that baking is not required. You don't even need a stove, you could melt and mix the ingredients in the microwave if you want. The treats are ready very quickly and you would definitely save money by making them at home.

I make my own marshmallow squares, not to save money but because I like changing the recipe. I like adding different candies to the marshmallow squares. I add them last after the cereal is added to the marshmallow and butter mixture.


I love marshmallow squares. I buy them ready made and usually have one as a sweet snack every day. I actually just get one from the vending machine at school when class is in break. My classes last two hours and I get hungry in my afternoon class. A marshmallow square is a perfect afternoon snack and keeps me going until I can get home.

Considering how much I love them and how much money I spend on them, I should learn how to make marshmallow squares. If I made them at home, that would certainly be easier on my pocket.

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