What Are Marshmallow Brownies?

Angie Bates

Marshmallow brownies combine chocolate, marshmallow, and often butterscotch to create a gooey twist to a classic brownie treat. Made with mostly traditional brownie ingredients or even a boxed brownie mix, marshmallow brownies require miniature marshmallows to be either stirred into the brownie batter or melted on top of the cooked treats to make a s'more-like dessert. Usually homemade, these sweets are often a favorite of children and adults alike.

Marshmallows are mixed into a boxed brownie mix to create marshmallow brownies.
Marshmallows are mixed into a boxed brownie mix to create marshmallow brownies.

Semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips, unsweetened baking chocolate, or cocoa powder normally serves as the chocolate flavoring for marshmallow brownies. Whether the marshmallows are stirred into the batter or layered on top of the cooked brownies, mini marshmallows are usually preferred. Typical brownie ingredients, such as flour, baking powder, butter, and eggs, are also included in most versions. These brownies can also be made with a brownie mix and marshmallows. Chopped walnuts may be added as well.

When marshmallows are included in the brownie batter, the wet ingredients, such as eggs, vanilla extract, and melted butterscotch or chocolate, are usually combined with the sugar. The dry ingredients, usually consisting of the baking powder, flour, and salt, are mixed separately and then stirred into the wet ingredients. Afterward, the marshmallows and nuts, if used, are mixed into the batter. Sometimes chocolate chips are stirred in at that time as well. Once the batter is complete, it can be poured into a square, greased pan and baked.

If marshmallows are added after the brownies have cooked, they are simply omitted from the batter. Once the brownies are baked, they are removed from the oven and the mini marshmallows are placed in a layer on top of the still hot brownies. White or milk chocolate chips are often layered with the marshmallows. Then, the brownies are briefly returned to the oven to allow the topping to melt. Some versions may include a caramel topping once the marshmallow and chocolate topping has melted.

Still other versions of the dessert create an additional layer. The brownies are baked, then the marshmallows are sprinkled on top and heated to melt. Afterward a frosting consisting of chocolate and marshmallow mixed with milk, sugar, and butter, is created and spread over the melted marshmallows.

An additional variation of marshmallow brownies are s'more brownies. These sweets are created much like other marshmallow brownies but add graham crackers to better mimic the classic s'more taste. They also usually use full-sized marshmallows instead of the miniature variety.

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I don't put the marshmallows into the brownie batter. I use marshmallows for the topping. I melt them on the stove first (or marshmallow creme could be used) with milk and pour it over the brownies after they have cooled down. I decorate the marshmallow topping with chocolate chips and caramel. It looks great and tastes great too.


@fBoyle-- Why don't you make them from scratch then and adjust the sugar content to your liking?

It's not very difficult to make marshmallow brownies at home. You just need, flour, butter, eggs, cocoa, chocolate, sugar and marshmallows. I make them at home all the time and they turn out great.

The best thing about marshmallow brownies is the extra soft and chewy thanks to the gooey marshmallows. I made some for my son's school event last week and they were gone in just a few minutes. I got so many compliments on them. These brownies really are addictive.


I like brownies but marshmallow brownies are a bit too sweet for me. I think when marshmallow brownies are made, the amount of sugar in the recipe needs to be reduced just a little bit. Marshmallows are basically just sugar and gelatin, so they're already very sweet. Of course, this is not possible if a ready made boxed brownie mix is used. So the end result is a very, very sweet brownie. I know some people wouldn't mind that but I do.

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